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rating [ 9/10 ]
Very friendly park. As others have stated, I was also told to go pick my site which is a nice change in how a park does business. If you are looking at the pull through site and want your TV dish to work I suggest a site on the right side. Those are some "tall" trees on the left side. Water pressure is regulated to 35 pounds MAX as required by his building permits. I filled our fresh water tank and used the pump. Be sure to drive south to the "Founders Grove" but in a pickup or your toad only. If you have never driven the Avenue of the Giants the WOW factor will leave you speechless.
rating [ 4/10 ]
Very narrow spaces. We were bothered at 8:10 AM by the sound of a gas powered leaf blower being operated outside of our door. When I called the office a very polite young lady said I'm sorry but they start work at 8 AM. The Wifi is a joke, we are parked less than 100 feet from one of the WiFi antennas but most of the time I can not connect. When I can connect the connection speed is very slow or I get disconnected. I am using an HP DV9700 series laptop with built-in WiFi. It works flawlessly on my network at home and other locations. Many of the people staying in the RV section of the park live here and work in the area.
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