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rating [ 9/10 ]
We came up here for a week to enjoy Shipshewana, and this campground is totally wooded. Where we were at was quiet, but the pine sap gets on your camper, and in it too. Other than that (no one can control nature), the campground was pretty clean. The pool is too small for how many can camp there, and we avoided it the whole weekend we were there. They have a lake you can go swim at (a real lake that is large--not a big water hole), and it was very nice swimming in that. There is a pizza deliver nearby that makes the best pizza we have ever had. A lot of people speed on the golf carts so you have to watch out for them, and kids won't and don't get out of the road when you are driving in or out of the place. Across the road are even more camp sites, but the roads are narrower over there. There were even a lot of Amish camping in the cabins when we were there. The staff is excellent. Super friendly, and we did have to go up front to use the Internet. Overall it is a nice place, and we would go there again.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is a very large campground, with many activities for everyone in it of all ages. Weekends have a lot of activities for kids. We enjoyed most of our time there, but a very few like to stay up all night on the weekends (literally until 5 AM), so it was time for us to move on as there weren't many sites for a larger camper plus room to park a vehicle on, to move into. The owner is there on different occasions throughout the summer, and is a wonderful person. The manager has been there for about a year, and many aren't impressed with him. I guess he started out good, but now he doesn't take care of problems in there, and doesn't want to deal with some problems going on. It isn't kept clean some of the times. (garbage left in the wooded area for a few days after campers have left, laundry room really dirty) and the area near the office always has wrappers and cigarette butts all over the place--including on the tables. The office is never ever open when its supposed to be. The only time is Fridays, Saturdays, and sometimes Sunday mornings. The hours on the door mean nothing. It was like that the WHOLE time we were there. It's not good for business, and hard to rely on when you can go to the office as you never know when its open. There is a number to call, but not answered much, or calls returned. Overall, its a nice place, has an awesome swimming pool, and great seasonal people in there that invite even the weekend campers to join in on activities. This place has its good and bad points.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We stayed here for a week, and were impressed with this park. It's very clean, wooded, and right in the city without you knowing it. The people working in the office are friendly and helpful with anything you want to know. Grocery stores are nearby, along with plenty of restaurants. The campground was pretty full most of the time we were there, and we never saw messes anywhere. Showers were kept clean, along with the restrooms. We would definitely go back.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We spent almost a week here, and wish we could have stayed here longer. The property consists of around 3500 acres and is absolutely beautiful. We went on the full tour of the museums, home, coal mine, and the tour guide was beyond friendly, and made us feel right at home. Everyone at that ranch did. We were so relaxed there, and would definitely go back. They have sites for every type of camper and they aren't crammed in.
rating [ 4/10 ]
This is a supposedly "Christian" family campground. It is very "clickish", and if the manager doesn't like you, then your stay will be rough. Their son rides around all day on a golf cart and stops continuously many times through out the day to bother campers at their site. The bathrooms are clean but run down. When it rains, its pure mud at most of the sites there. Poison ivy exists everywhere in there, including the sites. They do not like anyone to know that. It's mostly seasonals here, with campers on the holidays--the same ones time after time. Their pull through sites consist of lawn in the middle of the road. They have a stop sign at the office, but when people stop, the managers are no where to be found. Visitors are supposed to pay to visit, but the managers select and choose who will pay or not. I would never recommend this place to anyone. It looks oldish and primitive when you pull in, but stay more than a couple days and you will see what they don't want you to see. The owners of this place really need to do a pop in visit and talk to campers there other than the manager's friends. There's some people in there as seasonals who have had problems with the managers son bothering them a lot,. There are other campgrounds out there much better than this one.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We checked out this campground as we were driving by to another one. It is a very clean, very well kept RV park, with a lot of pull-throughs. Unfortunately, due to its location, and popularity of its reputation in the area, there weren't any openings available. The year round spots had a waiting list for it. Monthly spots were also hard to come by. But we were able to "tour" it, and was very impressed. The rates are very reasonable. The staff is super friendly too. I would definitely stay here if I was able to.
rating [ 1/10 ]
We didn't actually stay at this campground. When we pulled in, the campers were too close to each other. One site you could sit at the picnic table and lean your head onto the tipout on the other camper. There were people fishing, as they have ponds, the whole place was very tight. It was clean for the most part, but no room to move. The video online is very deceiving. The luxury suite had campers hooked up all around it. There were a lot of older campers in there that look like they have been there for many years. Over all, we didn't like the "feel" of the place, so left. We found a different one a few miles away that felt safer. Also not sure if it is mentioned, but it costs extra for the Wi-Fi and the cable TV. It's not where I would stay with a family.
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