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rating [ 1/10 ]
This is a hard one – the campground is extremely neat and clean and seems to have reasonable rules. I reserved a site here partially based on the pet restrictions this park has (I do not have pets myself and like to relax in peace away from constantly barking dogs). When I got to the campground, unhooked and set up my fifth wheel I heard constant barking dogs from a nearby Motor home. After I finished setting up I went to the office to complain about the dogs barking, the campground owner asked me where the barking was coming from and she walked to the back door to look, I pointed out the motor home where the barking was coming from and she said oh, that’s “so and so” and those are show dogs. I inquired about their rule about not allowing campers to leave pets unattended. She stated that the dogs I was complaining about didn’t usually bark other than when the owners returned and that their rules only prohibited campers from leaving their dogs unattended outside, inside the camper was OK. I then told her that I would appreciate it if she cold do something about the dogs, she then told me “don’t worry, if you complain again I will give you a refund and ask you to leave”. I said OK and decided to tough it out (knowing well that it would be near impossible to get a site in this area for a full week without reservations). The next day the owners of the motor home had their dogs outside the camper in a pen, there were 8 dogs in the motor home (they were not disturbing anyone while outside though). I felt as though I had received very poor customer service from the owner when they said that they would ask me to leave if I complained again. Well the week went by and I put up with the dogs (they weren’t all that bad, I was gone during the day time each day). Then, on Friday evening I had some bad luck and was involved in a Fatal motor accident where two people were killed, I suffered only an knee injury and bruises. I needed to leave two days early to get back home as soon as possible, so I went to the office to request a refund for the two unused days, the owner said no problem (she had heard about the accident) and said she would be happy to issue me credit towards future stays (I realize this is common), I told her that credit would not benefit me any because I did not plan on returning here because I did not like to listen to barking dogs all the time. This is where it turned very ugly, (from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh), the campground owner got very rude and told me that she could not control everyone’s pets, and that “NEXT, YOU WILL BE BLAMING YOUR MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT ON ME AS WELL”. I could not believe what I was hearing, this was the rudest comment that I had ever received from another human in my whole life. I then knew that I was not dealing with a reasonable person, and I just walked away. By the time I had gotten back to my car (slower than usual because I was on crutches) the other owner (I assume was her husband) came out to my car and asked me to come back in and he would make it right, I told him I would have my wife come back in a few minutes and take care of it. In the end, the campground did what was right but this is NOT at all about money. This is a very nice campground but if you do have a problem and end up dealing with the person I dealt with be prepared to receive the worst customer service on this planet! I am not recommending that anyone avoid this campground – just this person. Just an FYI – the folks that did cause the accident that I got injured in was an older couple on a Goldwing Trike from Ocala Florida – the were riding in front of me when they lost control of the Trike going north on highway 129. When they lost control,they collided with an SUV towing a boat, sadly they were both killed instantly. I was injured when the trike they were riding was thrown back into my lane leaving me no place to go but hit it. I had slowed significantly but not enough – I hit the Trike and went over the front end of my bike and landed in the ditch – my knee is banged up but I will heal. The others will not.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We have camped here before and were sorely disappointed to learn the this campground will be closing down for good at the end of October. The property has been sold to a developer to create a gated Equine community. This is a real gem, very secluded. We camped here in late July when it was 95 degrees everywhere in the south and the temperature in this campground at 5:00 PM was only 72 degrees - felt so good. The management/owners are very helpful. If you get the chance, experience the unique campground before it is gone.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Simply the best. No sewer hook ups or pool, but this place is a 10. The campground is very private (you would have a hard time believing you were within half a mile of Super WalMart). The sites are huge and you will only be able to see one or two other campers from your site. The beach access is private, for registered campers only the beach is huge (least crowded beach you will find) you could have literally 100 yards of private beach to yourself if you wanted. All roads are paved. The sites are all gravel with picnic tables and clothesline posts at each site. Park rangers are very helpful and their refund/early departure policy is easy to live with (leave early, get a full refund).
rating [ 5/10 ]
It is hard to give such a nice campground a less than nice rating. This campground is the first one I have ever visited that did not provide a picnic table - I suspect it is too upscale for that. The park is very neat and clean (groomed) and the rules border on going overboard. My biggest disappointments were the beach access and their no refund or camping credit policy for early departures. There policy means simply no refunds for any reason - end of subject. The park is nice but the beach and beach access lacks. For example, you walk out of this nice campground to go to the beach, turn left at the local Pub, walk down to the beach past a huge overflowing garbage dumpster, then onto a beach with trash and broken beer bottles on it. I know that the beach condition is not the campgrounds fault but it definitely effects the quality of your vacation. If you want a clean beach - go to Destin.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Lock your stuff up. Campground is not secure. Campground is nice enough but weekend was ruined when someone stole PDA from my pick-up at night (the first and only time I have had anything stolen at a campground. Too much activity and people moving around.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Huge campground, it is local for us. Great creek swimming and decent size sites. A lot of permanent campers in the summer, mostly families. Great family atmosphere. Kids have a ball!
rating [ 8/10 ]
Decent campground, it is the only campground in the area with easy beach access. You can stay right on the ocean if you want. I wouldn't though, because the sites are small and if it storms you will get sand everywhere. Prefer upper park (short walk to ocean) because of concret pads, grass, trees, and sites are larger. Campground is expensive (beachfront sites are over $100 in the summer, upper park is $57 in the summer) by any standards! But if you want to be close to the Ocean this is the place. Have also camped at Topsail Hill, nicest campground in the world just too inconvenient to the ocean for me.
rating [ 10/10 ]
The best KOA I have stayed at -- one of the best campgrounds I have ever stayed at. Phone/modem hookup at campsite, beautiful view of Flathead Lake. Super!
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