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rating [ 4/10 ]
I feel bad about giving this campground this low of a rating. I had to base this on my experience however and my experience make me not want to go back at all. I can see why many people love this campground. Beautiful pool and lazy river, clean bath houses, access to beach right there. We had a lovely large site with a pavilion and several trees. I was in heaven when we pulled up and loved everything I saw! This was our first time at Myrtle Beach and this campground so we set up camp and took a look around. We were totally unaware of what repeat visitors know. This campground is crawling with swarms of ants. We looked around for about an hour after we got there. When we came back the whole camper, inside and out, was covered in ants. It only took one hour for this to happen. Our camper was not dirty and we are not dirty people! Ants were in my food, clothes, my daughters laptop, the electric sockets, you name it ants were in it. We sent my son to the store for Raid and spent the whole rest of the week killing ants. They crawled on me when I slept, were in my toothpaste, on my dishes, walls, cabinets, just everywhere. By the end of the week I was miserable. Just when you thought they were gone, there were more. I traveled 700 miles home and are now fighting the millions, yes literally millions, of ants that are swarming out of my camper and invading my home now. I am afraid I will now have to pay for an exterminator. The day we left there was a roach the size of a small child in the sand under my camper. We had seen them earlier in the week at the campgrounds restaurant but had no idea they were that far from the food and close to the beach. If I were to judge this campground by activities, staff, and beauty alone I would have given it at least an 8. If you go to this campground do what repeat visitors told me you have to do. Use ant granules on the ground before you even pull into your site. Spray the whole outside of your camper and anything that touches the ground with a healthy dose of Raid every day. Since we did not do that before we even pulled into our spot the trip was doomed from the moment we arrived. We did not know. Been camping in many places and states and have never had a problem at all. Like I said before though, waking up to ants on me every night, killing them every day off of everything, and having to spray Raid in my camper made me never want to return. I do not know if it is just Pirateland, Myrtle Beach, or the south in general, but I have never in my life , or my husband's and he had tent camped since he was 9, have either of us seen or experienced anything like it! Never again!
rating [ 9/10 ]
Stayed here for the Gettysburg reinactments over the fourth of July weekend. Park was very close to the reinactments as well as historical Gettysburg park. Our site was a premium along the stream. Many large trees made this site excellent for shade! Some people with large rigs had some trouble however. We did not with our 25 ft travel trailer. Even had room for an 8 person tent for the kids and a doggie pen, with still plenty of room! Site very roomy, level, and all rock with a tiny patch of grass. Would have preferred more grass. Campground was clean. Restrooms clean, pool clean. Staff very pleasant. Was given opportunity to reserve our same spot for next fourth of July weekend before they made it available to anyone, which was nice. We decided not to reserve as we might want to go elsewhere next fourth. We will be back however as this is a great park and one weekend is not enough to see all of or appreciate historical Gettysburg!
rating [ 9/10 ]
Another great Memorial Day Weekend at this park. Staff very friendly and helpful. Had cute activities going for the kids. Outlets fun to shop at. Site a little tight compared to our site last year. Could not stop my son from fishing in the river. Big carp and trout found! Very close to Lancaster Host Resort where my daughter dances at the Starpower Dance Competition every year. Restrooms clean. Book early as it fills fast. We got the last riverfront site for next years memorial Day Weekend!
rating [ 5/10 ]
How do I begin? There is plenty of activities, pools, and nightly entertainment. It's very loud at times with lots of unruly kids. Our campsite was level and very spacious: the most spacious we have ever had. The only problem was we were right across the street from the bath houses. People were constantly cutting through our campsite, and I do not mean on the edge either! It was so bad we felt the need to lock everything up whenever we went anywhere and could not eat outside without people looking at our plates because they were that close! When my kids decided to cut through an unoccupied site, they were severely screamed at though. (I told them it was rude to cut through even unoccupied sites but how do you explain that when your campsite is a super highway). Their beach parking lot is always filled unless you get there at the crack of dawn. We made the most of this trip and had fun but I would not stay there again.
rating [ 10/10 ]
The sites were concrete and very level. The pool was nice but the waterslide is extra money. Restrooms were the most modern and clean I have seen. Was nice and quiet when we were here. We would stay here again!
rating [ 10/10 ]
We were very happy with this park. Upon entering, a man greeted us with a clipboard and had someone in a golf cart escort us to our site. After checking in we rented canoes for the next day. The staff was very friendly. Everything was well landscaped and clean! Has a very nice playground. We were in the new section and although the trees are small and will take awhile to grow in, we prefered it to the river sites. Had a beautiful view of the mountains and a farm. The kids and my husband enjoyed the canoe trip very much. They drop you in and pick you up down river. They were running behind about an hour but they took money off for the inconvenience. New mini golf course was very cute. Would love to stay here again!
rating [ 9/10 ]
Do not forget your bug spray at this campground. Our site was spacious and backed up to a wooded area that led to state preserved marsh land. My 12 year old son was bitten 27 times, we counted them, by mosquitos while my hubby was backing up into our spot! We literally waited in the car as they swarmed my hubby as he ran for the bug spray so us girls could be sprayed as soon as we got out of the car! I did not hold this against the campground as we have many relatives in Jersey, and you can not escape swarms of these insects! Our site was mostly sandy dirt but level. When it rained lots of puddles formed but quickly drained. Since it is so shaded, however, it never really dried and our camper was soon a muddy sandy mess so bring outdoor rugs! We are new RVers this year and we now see why those outdoor rugs are so nice! This is the reason for the 9 and not a 10. Roads are mostly gravel but were being raked when we left. Seasonals were friendly. Very dog friendly. Upon check in were were given a doggie poo bag with dog instructions and a dog biscuit! Bathhouses were very modern and very clean. It was a 15 minute drive to Beach Haven. Pool was clean and looked very well maintained. Fish pond was pretty. Playground was nice for the kids. Would camp here again if going to Long Beach Island.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We stayed here on Memorial Day weekend so it was full! Our site was level and clean. At least twice a day someone came by in a golf cart asking if they could take your trash to the dumpster for you. We were on the side that faces the working Amish farm. It was wonderful to sit outside in the morning and watch as the field was plowed and the cows set to pasture. We were also there to witness a baby horse being born! Eveything was spotless thanks to the two Amish woman that never seemed to stop cleaning! The mill and covered bridge are beautiful and quaint. There was a gazebo by the mill and they stream so you could just sit and enjoy the outdoors. Overall a great time was had by everyone! My sister stayed as well in one of the Amish built cabins they have there. It was cute and very clean!
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