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rating [ 6/10 ]
During special events in New Orleans, this resort allows dry camping (boondocking) in two areas: in an alley outside the main camping area and in a small paved area to the side of the alley. We were in this paved area for Mardi Gras. No obvious security most of the time, and it was open to public access. People from a nearby neighborhood walked right by our RV all day and all night. No one bothered us, but I would not call it "safe". The staff seems entirely comprised of young women who are very nice, albeit a bit absentminded. They guaranteed me repeatedly we would have enough space to unfold the canopy and BBQ, etc ; however, I was only allowed about 4 inches between my canopy and the 40' diesel next to us. Apparently most dry camping RV people run their generators 24/7 (how annoying!), even when they are gone all day. So it was like trying to BBQ at a crowded truck stop. Kind of killed the fun. If you plan on dry camping, it is not a festive, friendly RV atmosphere. People only sleep in the RV's. If you dry camp in the alley way it seemed there would be more room to open canopy and BBQ, but I still did not see anyone doing this. I would return if I cannot find a cheaper hotel, but I would insist on being in the alley (what they call long term dry camping). The sites inside the actual RV park are very nice.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Very shady spots, clean restrooms, wifi worked whenever I tried it. The playground and the beach was great for the kids. There's a water park in the summer. Seem to have moderate level of vehicle traffic through sites and some people were driving too fast. Very good reception and several channels available from antenna for television viewing. Campsites were clean, had good picnic table, grill, and fire ring. When I drove through park in October at dusk we saw dozens of deer grazing, but we did not see any deer this trip (November). The only problem with park, which is the same for every state park in Louisiana is the state won't fix damage caused by hurricanes over a year ago. The boardwalk over the marsh, perhaps the best attribute of this park, has been and still is destroyed. We have avoided Louisiana parks because of this problem and will continue to do so.
rating [ 9/10 ]
I highly recommend this park if you are interested in hiking, fishing, river swimming/beaches and wildlife. The layout of the different sites varied. Some had a sand plot for a tent, all had nice wooden decks with picnic tables. I highly recommend staying at one of the lakeside spots (we had 129, also 101 was a nice one). Normally we eat meals inside but the scenery while eating on the raised platform lakeside was fantastic. I took a small aluminum boat powered by an electric trolling motor to fish the banks for perch and bass. No outboard allowed but oars or paddles would be fine. There is no launch so you need to be able to muscle a boat down the grassy bank. Wildlife: A 12 inch alligator hung out in the water by our site looking for handouts. A lot of birds. When out walking on the road an extremely large boar darted across the street in front of us. That was exciting. The park ranger said there are too many of them and they are going to start trapping them. The hiking trails are physically demanding; not for the faint - a lot of ups/downs and very soft sand. The trail to the beach (in the bottomland campground) is about 10-15 minutes through the woods; follow the white trail markers. Wear Deet; I was bitten by a horsefly and it HURT! There were Wi-FI towers throughout the park, and I could detect the network, but no internet was available. 4G (AT&T) and cellular phone service were both available. Tours at the archeological site (Fricke's cave) are available but you need to ask about them at Ranger station.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This park was a wonderful beach park. Sites were small and unfinished - a sandy and dirt area tightly enclosed by plant life and trees. This provides much privacy as you cannot see neighbors. There were a lot of bugs, so we ate inside. Just enough room outside for BBQ grill and place to hang laundry. Picnic table was wet and rotted (splintered). A 5-10 minute walk down boardwalk to beautiful beach. There were howers to wash off. Nice sand, warm water, not too crowded. Friendly campers on beach, no locals. Lots of sea shells and nice waves. The spot we had was for a 24 foot RV, but we had a 31 foot ,and we fit in it. It was a little tight, but we managed. Some hints of local young Florida redneck types in campground, but not too bad. They parked their trucks on the hiking trail, and when I called the manager's office no one answered. Most people were pretty friendly though. It's far from civilization, so if you're the fifth wheel or TOAD types that like to go sightseeing, this may not be for you. Very spotty internet connection on iPhone (AT&T), and very spotty digital antenna (TV), but your situation may vary. There was also a nice boardwalk through saltwater marsh for walk/bike ride and a playground for kids. The playground was too far from our site to go to.
rating [ 5/10 ]
Sleepy little park. Great playground for kids. Dock near the river good for casting but not much fish-catching going on from here. 10 minute nature walk. Very neat old museum on site for grown-ups to tour. Friendly old dog walkers all about. Not much to do, especially for kids. I was told that during March-April (I think) the camp site fills up with locals who want to spend several days fishing in the river. This is a great park if you have a boat and are into river fishing.
rating [ 7/10 ]
This park is primarily for BOATERS! If you ski, kneeboard, jetski, fish, or just enjoy boating this park is for you. If you do not own a boat, but enjoy sitting under your awning and watching the boaters - you're sure to enjoy. Half the lake is for water sports, other half is for fishing. Depending on which site you are at (we were at 58) the lake is 10 feet from your rig. People pull their boats right up to the campsite. However, if you are not into boating and do not own a boat, but like to be active, this isn't the best park. No bike trails for younger kids. Playground equipment is completely rusted, broken and non functional. On the weekends the beach becomes extremely crowded with locals and unfortunately there are a few "undesirables". No lifeguards, security, etc. We had to leave early because grown men pushed kids away from the shoreline with a violent football game. Short, uninteresting and unmaintained nature trails are overgrown with poison ivy. Beautiful lake scenery, great water sports, nothing else to offer. Also, fishing was bad from the shore.
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