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rating [ 9/10 ]
I very much enjoyed camping at Grassy Pond. Everything was a great value. Two small improvements would have made it a 10 for me. First, there were no fire rings at the campsites. It looked like they had one fire pit in a central location for someone to use, but it would be nice to have it right beside your campsite. The only other think that I see that could be improved on is the trails. Some parts were low and very wet and could be cleared out a little. There are several docks on the trail that are closed off and just falling apart in the water, and are now unusable. I do understand the cut backs, but I would be willing to pay a little more to help maintain the beauty of the park. These are by no means show stoppers. The park was a great value and will definitely go back again.
rating [ 9/10 ]
For us, this was a wonderful state park. There are two sides; one on the lake and one on the river. The lake had a max of 25 feet vehicles so we could only look on the river side. There were very few people there when we arrived, so we had our pick of sites. The one we got was right on the river. There was a pretty steep embankment so it wasn’t like we were sitting right on the water, but it was still nice. Once we ventured out we found the falls and it was a beautiful site. There were lots of other smaller falls that were also fun to play in but they weren’t marked. It is pretty steep in some areas so be careful going down the hills. I kind of found this out the hard way. Camp host was super nice. The only two things that I could even find fault with is the no sewer and there was no television reception, even though the flyer from when you check in has 5 channels listed. We can’t wait to go back there again!!!
rating [ 9/10 ]
Great State Park. We stayed in the newer section that has sewer hookups. Not much shade but sites were very large. Everything was very peaceful and clean. Bathhouse was also very clean. Only two negatives where there are a lot of sand spurs that the dogs get in their paws. They do have a dog area that is covered with wood chips. And the lack of TV reception. Only could pick up two channels with the antenna. The beach was beautiful and not overly populated. Will defiantly stay there again.
rating [ 8/10 ]
For us, this is an amazing state park. We stayed in site 43. When I made the reservations, I was very disappointed that the ocean side was closed for renovations, but once we got there, we were glad that we came. The live oaks were beautiful and there are a lot of trails. Unfortunately the weekend we came the temperature dropped to the low 30s with high wind gusts. On the river side you are shielded from the high winds by the trees and sand dunes, so we never even noticed the high winds until we got to the pier. Fort Clinch is a lot of fun for history buffs. There was no cable but our antenna picked up about 20 channels. The bathrooms were immaculate and very well heated. There were a few negatives. The angle of our site made it impossible to back in from one direction. We actually had to exit the loop and come in the other way just to make it into the site. They could add some crushed gravel to the sites. They have very fine black sand that gets everywhere. And the dump station is on the road on the right hand side with a pull off that was about only about 20 feet long. This was not very well thought out since trailer valves are usually on the left and most vehicles and trailers are more than 20 feet.
rating [ 6/10 ]
This is probably the lowest rating that I have ever given a state park. If I was just rating the beach, my rating would have been a 10. But unfortunately the mosquitoes at the camping area made the trip miserable. When we first arrived there, I got out of the truck to help my husband back in, and had no less than 50 mosquitoes land on me while he was backing in. We noticed two huge stagnant pools of water at the entrance of the campground, and think this might contribute to the mosquito problem. The spray that we brought that is for families didn’t even begin to ward off the mosquitoes. We had to go into town for the highest rated DEET spray that we could find. Even then, you had to drown yourself in it for it to work. My poor children are covered in bites from the mosquitoes that got in the trailer. There was definitely no sitting outside at night enjoying the campfire. And since you can’t pick up any TV stations and barely any cellular, staying inside gets pretty boring for family of 4. The Camp hosts were super friendly and the beach was fantastic. You almost feel like you have the beach all to yourself.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Loved this campground and can’t wait to go back. The scenery was just amazing. The sites were level, but be careful, one of the sites that we tried had part of the entrance washed out. Unfortunately one of our tires hit it and did damage to our drain. It was marked with red paint on the ground but couldn’t really see it until after the fact. The campground offered 3-4 activities a day during the weekend we were there. There are many, many things to do in the area. Can’t wait to go back when we can stay longer.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Nice State Park. Our site faced the lake where we caught a few small fish. The sites were well designed and nicely landscaped. We went on one of the weekends that the observatory was open but unfortunately weather prevented us from seeing anything. We didn’t see much to do in the area. There was absolutely no reception for Verizon. Campground does offer cable TV for $1 more per day. Probably wouldn’t stay here again. Not that the campground was that bad, but there are many others that have more activities and more things in the area to do.
rating [ 7/10 ]
All sites have picnic table/combo grill/fire rings. Site was very sandy even though the Reserve America said it was gravel. Park itself was beautiful with lots of deer that will almost come right up to you. Springs were beautiful. Lots of ticks so make sure that you spray and check often.
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