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rating [ 9/10 ]
Excellent location for visiting the Minocqua/Northwoods area attractions. Patricia Lake Campground is an older place that has been very nicely kept up. The sites are spacious, heavily wooded, and also very well kept. The beach is clean, as are the shower and bathroom areas. The playground is small and geared towards younger children, but there is also a basketball and volleyball area. There is a small game room. There are a number of seasonal sites, the tenants are pleasant and the children well behaved. When the playgrounds lights went off, signaling quiet hours had begun, the older kids that had been playing promptly went home quietly. We were impressed! The owners were very nice people, helpful and pleasant. The lake allows no motors, but is clean and very quiet. Paddle boats and rowboats are available. There are loons, turtles, deer and other wildlife. We will definitely come back to this campground.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is a nice park that is well maintained. There is a clean beach area on the lake, with a pier for fishing. Rentals of canoes and paddleboats are available. There is a nice play area with some older but safe equipment near the lake. There are also good trails to hike on. They are not paved trails, just dirt trails, but it's fun to explore the area. This is a very quiet, low key campground, and as noted above, one of the owners is..um..a bit obsessive..about keeping it that way. If you like to party, or even listen to your radio turned up in the evening, you should camp elsewhere. The rules are the rules, they aren't unreasonable--actually, pretty standard for any campground--but, you should know, they're enforced. If you're here with a family and want a quiet, safe place to camp, hike, and hang out, then this is a good place. We stay here once or twice a year and have never had any trouble with the owner.
rating [ 1/10 ]
Like the previous reviewer, we did not actually stay here, but checked it out on a drive through before making a reservation. Scary! Seeing the field-like setting, we asked if there was an area that had more trees. The area that we were directed to was down the road and around a curve. Some areas were flooded, the entire area was overgrown, and every site was filled with old campers. Think battered, rusty with parts hanging off--not vintage and well maintained. We had to drive slowly to avoid bottoming out the truck on the rutted roads here. We high-tailed it out and will not be returning!
rating [ 9/10 ]
Very nice park. Clean and very well organized. Play areas and bathrooms are nicely spaced throughout the park. Has a nice indoor pool, a terrific game room for older kids and an indoor playroom for little ones. There is a raised bar-type area for adults to sit around the small kid's play area so that you can visit with friends and still keep an eye on them! Also an impressive adult area with leather seating and a sauna on Sat nights. Heavily wooded, level sites. Owners/staff are very, very friendly and helpful. Only reason this isn't a 10 is that there's only one road in/out of the campground -- a little tricky to maneuver sometimes, especially with a big rig, or if you get turned around and have to backtrack (as we did). Even so, I would, and will, stay there again.
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