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rating [ 8/10 ]
We stayed here for an advertised crab lovers weekend, a premium weekend costing more. But upon check-in, we were told the crab feast was $30 per person, children under 10 years of age half price. I said that this was not advertised when I booked but that was only returned by a snide remark on how much crabs cost. I wasn't disputing that, just the fact that I wasn't told before hand and with 8 people in my camper, 6 above 10 - I could not afford the crab feast causing disappointed kids. This is Beth Page's sister campground. Grey's Point seems a lot more laid back, not so much commotion going on or constant golf carts going. They had planned activities each day. A craft fair, a craft making session, water balloon toss, paddle boat races, train ride, and hay ride. Nice pool and mini water park for the kids, although during the day it was crowded and hard to find a chair or lounge. All the golf carts were rented out, but they're $45 for 24 hours. I rented the boys some bicycles because I forgot theirs, $12 for 24 hours. Paddle boats are $7 for 1/2 hour and it's a pond to paddle around in a circle in. My son liked the paddle boat pond though because he found some frogs. What's amazing is that this place has no bugs! No mosquito's, no ants, nothing. Ice cream got spilled and I just knew it would bring ants, but it didn't. You can burn your fires right on the ground. Wood is available for $6 a bundle. They have camp side trash pick up. There is more to the campground - Chesapeake Bay beach access, piers, fishing - that I saw during the train ride, but I didn't explore it to experience it. I like this campground and will return. The only plus Beth Page has over it, from a kids point of view, is the trampoline in the water.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Sites seemed a little narrow due to white pine trees. They provided nice shade but the sites weren't positioned in accordance with the trees. There was more pine dirt than grass, so it was a task keeping it from being tracked into the camper. There are no scheduled activities except bingo and a DJ on Friday and Saturday nights. The DJ played allot of line dancing music and that was pretty much the only dancing going on on the dance floor. There are tons of seasonal sites. Every Saturday morning the seasonal site campers hold yard sales. The lake is wonderful as always. There is an algae that is in the lake that if you encounter it, the green gue will stick to you and your swimming suit. No current to sweep the kids away. The only waves are created by the boats and jet skis out in the middle of the lake. The swimming area is roped off to keep you from the boats. Even at the end of the pier, the water is only 4 feet deep. Nice white sand on the beach and at the bottom of the lake. White pines line the beach to provide shade. You can leave your stuff on the beach all day without anyone bothering it. This is a nice kids out of school/free for the summer place. They can freely ride their bicycles and swim, providing their parents some relaxation. My septic hook-up was more or less just a hole in the ground, but it did the job. They had camp side trash pick-up. The neighbors, fellow transit campers were always welcoming. There is a gate to the campground and a guard house so that it appears to be gated, but I never found anyone in the guard house. There is a water park about a mile away that is half price after 3pm. The water slide is an adult killer! There's a local grocery store right outside the campground. A laundry across the street and put-put golf. No golf carts to rent. But any golf carts bought into the campground have to show proof of insurance and display a issued sticker while being operated. Flies were crazy! Not a top of the line campground, but I'll go back...
rating [ 8/10 ]
Very easy to get to. Nice grounds keeping. Little guard house at the entrance where you are greeted and then provided your vehicle placard and directed to the front office or on a busy weekend, taken directly to your site. The front office desk resembles that of a hotel. The staff (hosts) is abundant, extremely welcoming and evident on their marked golf carts. Camping store is large and well stocked with reasonable prices. The camping sites were all shaded with large white pine trees. Our site was spacious, but from looking at all the sewer hook-ups, you could tell that if all the camp sites were occupied, it would be tight. Pull-through available for those arriving early. Utility boxes had hook-up for cable TV. We stayed during a premium weekend, Chocolate Lovers. There were some scheduled activities geared around chocolate. We missed the pie eating contest. The chocolate mud slide was a regular slip and slide with some chocolate syrup poured on it. After one slide, the kids were ready to go back and swim. Showed up for the chocolate carving and couldn't find a host & when we did he didn't know anything. There are two swimming pools side by side, both not going over 5 feet deep. But I suspect one is more for the mellow and the other for the playful type. There is a place roped off in the lake for swimming with a large floating trampoline. The kids loved this! Fish nibbling at your toes. Signs are posted that there are no life guards but occasionally there was one. His main goal was to keep the kids on the trampoline in check. Swimming is to end at 8 PM, about 8:45 a host came out and told everyone it was time to get out. There are no lights to light the water or the streets. There are constantly numerous golf-carts and bicycles around. Driving a SUV among these can be a bit nerve racking. They do rent golf carts on a first come basis for $45 a 24 hour period. Hosts are always driving around on their golf carts monitoring everything. Past dark, children are not allowed to ride their bicycles unless they are equipped with a headlight and tail light - flashing novelties do not count. There is a family of skunks that inhabit the campground! At first I thought the kids were seeing things, but then I saw them myself and checked with a host - yes, please don't bother them... Check out time is posted as 12 noon, but after checking with a host they said that that is not enforced unless there is another rig waiting for your site. Site side trash pick up is done whenever you place a bag out. Kids did some fishing from the pier by the boat dock and caught enough minnows to keep them content. Saturday night there was a hay ride that went through the campground. The seasonal sites are tight! You got to meet Ms. Dot, the Sunday school teacher. The kids attended Sunday school were they got to make a craft and they loved Ms. Dot! Bethpage has a sister campground, Grey's Point that we'll be trying in August 2008.
rating [ 3/10 ]
Goose Bay is probably 1 step beyond primitive. Out of the 90 sites they advertise, only about 9 of them are for transients. Those 9 share 150 amps in a field. I've seen big rigs, especially during bass fishing tournaments out in the field, but then they restrict the use of the nearby sites so the breaker doesn't trip as often. Pull-through is only if you get there first. Bath houses are cleaned every day but haven't been updated in years. During high tide from the Potomac River there's a strong stagnant water smell - river or sewer? This campground caters more to the seasonal sites and that's a buddy-buddy community. Fishing is only available if you go out on a boat (no rentals) as the seasonal water front site owners will not let you near their grass. In-ground pool is decent. Pavilion is a covered concrete slab. Playground is just a household back yard set. I tolerate camping here when I have a group of friend campers there as well.
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