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rating [ 5/10 ]
The park is not as manicured as usual. There's overgrowth of weeds and shrubs in the sites. The power was adequate for one AC unit, voltage meter read borderline, but the climate was cool,and we got a shady spot. They are leaving ads on RV windows to get members at the table to sell more upgrades,ONLY an additional $4500 from existing members to add to our perks. NO THANK YOU. These Western Horizon parks are going downhill fast; actually, a staff member told us that their parks are all for sale.Question, why try to sell more perks to members when you are trying to sell the place anyhow? We are quickly losing our faith in the WH system, as we move along,and are finding less desirable parks than we did 8 or 10 yrs ago when we got into the program. We will NOT stay here again. Seeking newer upgraded memberships with newer parks.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Feels like we arrived in Heaven. After a terrible experience at Western Horizons "Resort" we came here and THIS IS A RESORT!!! There is every amenity a fulltimer could possibly need, and we're chillin with 2 AC's running and unlimited FREE wireless internet. Worth every dollar!
rating [ 1/10 ]
This was a horrible experience. We asked for 50 amps and were given site #148 with no shade. Our voltage meter read 94, and the alarm went off everytime the AC came on. Felt like we were in a sauna: could only run one AC due to low voltage. Had to resort to our generator when using the microwave, our alternative was to turn off the AC. We requested a shady space, thinking the voltage was only low in that one space, (#27) WRONG! Had the same problem in the new site. I went around with my voltage meter seeking a site with higher voltage: does not exist in this park. All 30 & 50 amp sites registered below 95 volts. This place is no Resort! Its whole electrical system needs a serious overhaul. We originally planned to stay 3 weeks, after 5 hot stressful days, got a refund and moved over to a real resort, Distant Drums (posted a review). There we could run two AC's AND the microwave at once, and they also have are no trees. So we are now chillin in a real Resort with FREE unlimited WI-FI. The WI-FI here is NOT FREE, and is controlled so that you cannot download or watch news clips, etc., without purchasing additional time. We are Western Horizon members, and will NOT ever stay here again. As we move along the highways, we are finding similar conditions at many of the Western Horizon "Resorts"! Perhaps ten years ago they could call themselves a resort, but by today's standards, they are just low-powered campgrounds with added-on surcharges to members. What a letdown.
rating [ 5/10 ]
Definitely NOT a Resort!! However, had bad confrontation with staff there, very rude greeter, came out fussing when we accidently started to park in a wrong site. Next day, checkout was 11, we were actually sought out at 10:30 am and told we had to be out by 11. Our slides were already in, did not need to be reminded. On leaving, as we were pulling out of park, could not make turn due to blocked access, so we pulled thru an empty site in front of us. As we left the gate, the caretaker actually ran to our rig, knocked on our door, and asked us "Why did we pull thru an open site, it is against the RULES. " We were almost out of the gate, gone, and he seemed he had to be rude just one more time by asserting that WE broke HIS rules. Puhlease? We are fulltimers for 7 yrs, workampers for 4. We have NEVER had such poor treatment by staff as in this park! It came down to a shouting match, this man actually held our door open and shouted at us as we were trying to drive away, threatening to block us from ever returning. HELLO! He had already convinced us never to return before it came to that! I had to pull the door shut, raise my voice at him to "let my door go" and lock my door. NO KIDDING! I called in an immediate complaint to Passport Am. on Staff Rudeness.
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