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rating [ 9/10 ]
We stayed 3 months and we will stay again. This is not a resort type park but it is nice for an older park. It was originally one of those Airsteam parks. The pool is not fancy but clean and nice. We would have rated it a 10 if the pool was heated but that's okay. The rec-room is nice and quiet and there are many books to read and a nice tv to watch. There is a great dog walk in an adjacent 4-5 acre lot. There is a primitive river walk a short distance away which is mostly dry unless it rains. The park is right on I-10 and a well used railroad and the noise can be heavy but while we got used to I-10 the train horn was not so great. But we will stay here again because it is close to the south west side of Tucson and the price is very very reasonable. The managers and the people were all great ! We chose it for price and location. There is some Hwy construction right now which makes for a short trek to get back to but not bad.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We have stayed here each time we go to Southern Arizona. A dusty old Park, but a nice inexpensive park to spend a night or two. Management has been very nice to us. We stay here because it does not seem like a big gravel parking lot. This location also allows us to go to the Texas Land and Cattle Companys Steak House back toward El Paso. The best steaks outside of Argentina. They only sell them by the pound so go if you're hungry !
rating [ 7/10 ]
We spent one night here. The brand new large pool was open, but cold, and the hot tub was barely warm. The park is still under construction and has gravel drives. Our site was not level for our hydraulic jack to work by themselves. So we used extra blocks and our steps were 30 inches off the ground. The buildings seemed new or at least remodeled. Out over night site was very narrow and would not allow us to open our awning. Management was nice. Would not recommend more than one night unless can get a wider site. It is close to Waco though.
rating [ 10/10 ]
While this Park is on the expensive side it is on the Nuese River, with a place to dock your shallow water boat, and a boat ramp. They have a nice pool, but it is flooded with screeming, running, splashing, kids. For adults the pool does have some Adults Only hours. The Park is just across the river from the Town of New Bern, and just over an hour drive to the coast. The management team was fantastic ! We will return again.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We spent two nights here. The pool was closd for the winter. There is a resuarant a little further down the same road. A really old rugged oil town in west Texas, which means lots of dust and dirt. While we would not spend much more than a day or two here we would do it again. Management was nice to us, and the grounds were okay!
rating [ 10/10 ]
By far the best RV Park we have ever stayed in. The price is great, the location is great, the management is great and the activities were great. The only negative part was that there were very few activities until the Winter Texans showed up. The location is not bad since a quick walk out the gate will put you at the city bus stop for a trip up the road into the biggest small town in America. And a trip to the oais at the river walk is a must for everyone. First Friday of every month is great fun. The fall German Fest is great. A GREAT experience !!!
rating [ 6/10 ]
The park is a good location outside of town. The activities other than the pool are mostly for seniors. There are a lot of trailers some are very old. Mostly a clanish group. At the free cookout there were a few of us told that there were "NO" hamburgers left and we were given hotdogs. When in fact they were saving the burgers for their friends. Tred water slowly with the management team as they will jump down your throat if you ask them for anything at all. I watched them shut down the laundry when people complained about three dryers not working when there were 6 dryers left and people needed them. That was the rudest thing I have ever seen. Okay to stay but be carefull.
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