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rating [ 7/10 ]
This is a nice COE park. Usually crowded through the summer month's. Cool in the summer as it's below the dam. Would likely stay again. Water and electric, no sewer hookups.
rating [ 1/10 ]
This place does not care about the RV'ers. The drive coming in and all around the park is loose gravel.They have a speed limit sign of 15 mph,which is too fast and not enforced. Some drive through here at 25mph creating a huge cloud of dust. One of the employees goes in and out several times a day in his truck with loud exhaust, and is always flying through here creating a huge cloud of dust.They mow several times a week and mow very close throwing gravel and making a lot of dust. We had to yell at the young guy trimming as he was pelting our trailer with rocks while running the weed trimmer. The water hook ups are on the ground inches away from the sewer hookups. It's noisy from road traffic,about 1 out 5 vehicles runs over the rumble strips on the edge of the road, very loud at night. Seems some might be doing it on purpose. The park is mostly full of permanent campers. Overpriced as there is nothing here to do. Would never stay here again.
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