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rating [ 3/10 ]
While this isn't the worst park we have seen for the price, this was not what was represented in brochure, or over phone. We didn't actually stay: due to the area that they were going to put us was surrounded by trailers that were trashy, unkempt, smelled. The park itself was in disarray. While I understand that they have been dealing a lot of rain, it still doesn't excuse the appearance of park. We were told by manager on phone that we would be on a electricity included site, when we got here the manager said that he would not put us on that site, we would have to be on a metered site. We backtracked about 9 mile and went to the local KOA.
rating [ 7/10 ]
KOA is always known for being family friendly. We all know what to expect when we get here. I want to say a few words about the man I believe is either the manager or owner. He made an exception for us and put us in a site that was better suited for our rig. I just want to say that the staff here is great. The park is recovering from the flooding of the Mississippi river, and are playing catch up in getting things ready for Memorial Day Weekend. Great job everyone!
rating [ 9/10 ]
We have just moved in and spent the first night. We are long term and are very, very pleased with the park. We opted for the river view, with spa, site and everything is as promised. There is a security gate, 2 pools (they are almost finished with infinity pool, spa that is adult only.) Site are spot on level concrete and all hook ups were very well planned.
rating [ 4/10 ]
We stayed here for over 4 months. I want to start by stating that if you are only here for a few nights, this park is ok. Sites for short stays are level, but other sites for longer stays are not. Owner is friendly. Manager is a busy body. Park host and maintanence men are wonderful. We moved to a different area of Houston, and after seeing other rates, this park charges too much. Office manager tells me what each envelope of mail is that I received, "Here is your Wells Fargo statement." I even brought this to the owners attention, and she honestly didn't do a thing about it. There are a lot of politics and if you are not in the group, you are out. (I prefer to stay out and have a peaceful life.) We were told we could move to a more secluded site up on the hill, but after a HUGE stink, the site was given to someone else. Park Guests look out for each other, and are wonderful. I will not be coming back to this park, or referring people to it, because of the lack of time and effort from the owner, and the nosey manager.
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