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rating [ 4/10 ]
Overall, this is a pretty park; however, they will nickel and dime you to death. The additional people/children charge is not unheard of but you have to pay $5 per night per dog (my husband asked me if that meant they were going to clean up after our dog), plus $5/day for a "burn permit." You cannot bring firewood with you, you must purchase it from them. You pay another $10 per stay for a conservation fee. They advertise WiFi; however, it only worked about 30% of the time at our site. We had no cell phone service with AT&T and neither did our friends using Sprint. The sites are very close together and the statement about leaving things natural is not a lie. Our site had a number of trees so close to the pad that we had make a choice as to whether we wanted our awning to open or access to our outdoor kitchen (we could not open both). The campground has a few waterfalls you can hike to. We chose to hike to the 200' waterfall. Warning - Do not attempt this after it has rained. The trail is dirt which as you know turns to mud after a rain. The slope is pretty steep as you get into it and very slippery when muddy. We were told there was a "swimming hole" at the falls and you spend all this time hiking up to the falls only to have to climb down an embankment if you want to visit the "swimming hole." We saw a few snakes so we decided against a dip. I found the place a little pricey for the amenities.
rating [ 9/10 ]
LOVED IT! When we first pulled in, I was a little hesitant just because the site width was not what I was expecting, but after we setup we realized we had more space that we thought. The campground is beautiful with all of the large trees and spanish moss. The weather was nice, and mosquitos weren't too bad (I read past reviews where campers complained, and I'm not sure how you can blame the campground for that, you are in South Georgia!). The bike paths around the island are amazing! We rented bikes for the day and rode around. We enjoyed it so much, the next day we drove into Brunswick and bought bicycles at the Walmart. There aren't too many restaurant options on the island; however, Brunswick is just a short drive, and it has everything under the sun. We've decided to make Jekyll Island Campground a yearly trip!
rating [ 8/10 ]
First, and foremost, the waterfront sites are gorgeous! A little pricey but that's to be expected given the area. The staff and other campers were super-friendly and the location was good. The cons were that although we had a waterfront site, you really couldn't get in the water with all of the seaweed that washes up (not the campgrounds problem). Also, the hookups for the waterfront sites were designed more for Motorhomes. We were in a travel trailer and the camper had to be as far up to the street as we could get just so our connections would reach. The sewage hose still didn't make it so we had to go to the Home Depot in Marathon to purchase an extension. They advertise Wi-Fi; however, it is limited to a certain number of users and with all of the seasonal campers, we were never able to connect. The dog walk area is at the front of the campground close to the highway which can be a problem for some dogs. On a positive note, some previous reviews mentioned loud partying and this was definitely not the case on our visit. Quiet time began at 11:00 PM so I would take our dog out for a walk around 10:00 PM so that if he decided to bark, we wouldn't be too annoying. The only thing we would hear were the cars driving by on the main road. New Years Eve was a little more lively but even then, everything was quiet soon after midnight. It was a very relaxing time and a beautiful campground. The only reason I didn't rate it a perfect 10 was because of the cost, the Wi-Fi and the pet walk area.
rating [ 5/10 ]
We chose this campsite based on the reviews and the pictures on the website. Don't let the pictures fool you! In the pictures, all you see is grass, grass everywhere. The only grass around is the first road and the tent areas. All of the RV sites from the second row back are nothing but gravel. Only a few of the front sites have cable and you can only get Wi-Fi if you are close to the office. Even then, if 4 people are online, you will have to wait for someone to get off. The campground was clean and everyone was very friendly. They have a nice playground at the front (in the grassy area) with other games for the kids such as holey board, horseshoes, etc. It's a nice campground if you don't mind going without some of the amenities other campgrounds offer (Wi-Fi, cable, paved sites, grass, etc.).
rating [ 5/10 ]
This campground is a little rundown; however, if you are looking for peace and quiet, you've gone to the right place. We came from one of the large campgrounds in the area where there were non-stop golf carts and people blaring their music. When we arrived here it was much more relaxing. The roads are paved but the sites are not and there isn't a whole lot of gravel (luckily for us it did not rain during our stay). There were a ton of ants but that's to be expected with grassy areas. The beach was quite large and beautiful. It is a lot less crowded than other areas. The bathrooms were pretty bad. First of all, they are not air conditioned and it must have been over 100 degrees in there. I saw the staff go in and clean so I'm not sure if it was because of the other campers or what but by the end of the evening, the toilets were overflowing, there was a mess all over the floors and they stunk to high heaven. It's probably a nice place to go if you are self-contained and have no need for the restrooms or showers and don't mind battling a few ants. Overall we had a nice time.
rating [ 7/10 ]
The amenities were nice, the campground was clean and the beach was beautiful but oh my goodness, I don't believe there could be anymore golf carts. In the evening, all of the teenagers (and some adults) were cruising the campground in their golf carts with the radios blasting. It was quite annoying. Luckily, when quiet time came around (11:00 PM), security would patrol the campground and instruct people to park the carts. Also, our last night there, someone stole our cooler (with all of the beer in it). I have been camping hundreds of times and that was the first time I have ever had anything stolen.
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