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rating [ 8/10 ]
This was a very nice place to camp. There is no electric, water or sewer. You are there basically for the atmosphere, which is great. The mosquitoes are really bad at the beginning of the night but usually go away by 9pm. We ended up making a fire and were not bothered at all by the bugs. The beach is very deserted because the sites are spaced far away from each other. So when we sat on the beach, we were the only ones out here. The horses even came and joined us on the beach. At night you can hear them walking past your camper. I would definitely stay here again. They fill up fast so you need to book early.
rating [ 7/10 ]
This was a nice campground but very busy. I like campgrounds that are quiet and don't have alot of golf carts. This one had too many golf carts and too much unnessary noise. We went for the crab feast and it was okay, the crabs were cold though. I would recommend this campground if you have kids because there are alot of them. But if you like quiet and not alot of yearly campers then this place is not for you.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This was one of the best campgrounds that I have been to. I would definitely stay here again. The site I had was way back in the woods and was so peaceful and quiet. I would definitely recommend this campground to anyone.
rating [ 2/10 ]
We had a 3 night stay here for Memorial weekend and we left after 2 nights. The park is so cramped and loud. The sites are close together and every site doesn't have there own hookups. I had to borrow a WATERHOSE to get to my water spigot. I also had to use both of my electrical lines to get to the electric. On friday night they drove around in there golf carts blaring music and honking the horns. There are way to many golf carts allowed in this park. On Saturday the man behind us, who was a yearly camper, decided he was going to build a deck onto his camper. Who wants to hear this when they go camping? I was very dissapointed with this campground. I used to camp here in a tent when I was a little kid and I so looked forward to going there but when I got there I couldn't wait to go home. I called my parents and told them how much this campground had changed and how I hated it. What a dissapointment. I will not camp here again.
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