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rating [ 9/10 ]
Large, giant concrete lot surrounding a square, man-made lake. Near a main road. However, this was a very nice place considering it's location. The pool was wonderful - clean, waterfall, beach-type area. The hot tub was very nice. The landscaping was beautiful, as was the club house. This was a really nice park with easy access to major Houston areas. It is right off Beltway 8 and South Main Street. We would recommend this park to travelers to the Houston area that want a very nice park in town.
rating [ 10/10 ]
As new RV'ers, we weren't sure what to expect on our first cross-country trip. Our first night was spent in a casino parking lot, so arriving at this gorgeous park was an amazing surprise. This park is absolutely beautiful, quiet, well-maintained and beautifully landscaped with waterfalls, lush tropical foliage, etc. I would stay here again in a heartbeat. Many site seems to be privately-owned and somewhat custom set-up with outdoor cooking centers, beautiful furniture, lighting, etc. Each lot has a wonderful view of Table Rock Lake. It is very quiet and peaceful. This place should rate a 10 across the board.
rating [ 4/10 ]
Just like parking in someone's front yard. We were only ones there with exception of one travel trailer that looked like it had been there for a while. Only problem is "park" is on a pretty busy rural road and constant 18 wheeler and motorcycle traffic in early am was distracting. Good place to spend a night vs. a Wal-Mart parking lot.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Spent forever trying to find this park. Waaayyy off the highway in a remote area in the middle of a corn field. I reserved a 50 amp spot (I always make sure I verify that this is available before reserving a spot) and upon finally arriving in the dark, was told by the host/owner, that they didn't have any available because I didn't reserve one (per his wife, the lady I spoke with to make the reservation). They were not really rude, just abrupt. After much discussion, he agreed to loan me a 30 amp adapter for the night although he reiterated that he could really charge me for it. The park was ok, the amenities, ok, etc. Roads were not paved, slots were not paved, but it was shady and pleasant. There seemed to be amenities for the kids, but because it took us forever to find this place (scary driving down small two lane roads with limited areas to turn around) that we didn't arrive until after dark. We left early the next am so didn't have time to use facilities. Doubt if we would stay here again unless no other places were available.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Very nice park with treed area (Premium lots...where we stayed) and larger areas of typical pull thru slots with nice landscaping but few trees. This place has a great bar with live entertainment (supposedly the only RV park in Texas with a liquor license) and we really enjoyed the bands provided on Friday and Saturday nights. The "river" was almost non-existent due to drought, but there was enough water to create dams and your own mini-swimming holes. This kept our three kids occupied for hours. There is also a kids' pool area AND an adult pool/spa area. Only complaint here is that some visitors insisted on bringing their screaming kids to the adult area even though numerous signs saying "ADULT POOL ONLY" were posted throughout the area. Guess they couldn't read...We really enjoyed our entire Labor Day weekend stay with the exception of one thing - do not stay in Premium Lot 34 unless you have a sleeping mask. The extremely bright security light shines directly into/onto your RV in this location making it nearly impossible to sleep. After spending the entire first night trying to sleep with the interior of our coach lit up like high noon, I finally found a pillow to shove in the bedroom skylight to block some of the light. The lounge/sleeping area for the kids was so bright I could have cooked a meal at 3 am without turning on the lights. Luckily, the kids can sleep through anything. I, on the other hand, was totally miserable until I found the pillow. Two requests to the front desk to turn off the light were ignored. A request to change lots was met with "we're full". That was not true. The lot next to us (on the other side of the security light with less direct exposure) was empty during our entire 4 day stay. Numerous other lots were also empty. After finding the pillow solution, we decided to stay in 34 rather than picking everything up and relocating but it was still not a pleasant sleeping experience. Other than that, we would definitely recommend this park for people with families.
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