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rating [ 9/10 ]
We love this park! We have stayed here many times and love the huge wooded sites and lovely lake. The bathrooms are adequate but do have some bugs. There are camp hosts that are there to help if needed. There are no water hookups but we use a jug for washing needs. We love this place because we don't get that usual packed in feeling as with many campgrounds. We feel like we are really camping and enjoying the outdoors!
rating [ 7/10 ]
We have stayed here several times and found it to be a nice place to stay for trips in and around the Gettysburg area. It is close to many area attractions and has pleasant surroundings. The sites are a nice size. It does have a large amount of permanents but these seem to be well kept. The only problem we found was that on one fall visit, the staff and burned the leaves and distributed them in the sites. This made for a messy business when going in and out of the camper. The bathrooms are older but always clean.
rating [ 6/10 ]
I have camped here several times and always find that the worst part of the experience is the bathrooms. They are usually clean but in order to clean them, the staff hoses them down. Therefore, when you enter you track in mud all over the floors and find that there is water dripping from everything. This also tends to make it very humid in the bathrooms. The sites tend to be large and wooded. The campsites are within walking distance to the bay and marina area which is scenic. It is surprising to find such an area so close to the metro area and close enough to visit many of the historic sites around. I would recommend it only if you don't mind the moisture!
rating [ 4/10 ]
We were not pleased with our stay here and would not recommend this campground to anyone. Upon arriving, we found that the site we were given was located not more than 50 yards from the interstate! We asked if we could be given another site farther away from the traffic noise but were told that none were available. We set up our tent trailer and found that the noise was so bad that we had to yell to each other around the campfire in order to be heard! We recommended to the office that guests should be informed of the road noise upon making reservations so that they can make the right choice for their camping experience. The lady behind the desk said that they didn't have any other complaints! No apologies were offered! We toughed out the two nights by running our air conditioner in an attempt to drown out the noise and were glad to depart. After a day at Hershey Park, we certainly could not look forward to a nice relaxing evening around the campfire. The whole campground is a shame with its many permanent sites, ugly surroundings and awful road noise. The one plus it does have is that its bathrooms are clean. It's metered showers are bother however (10 minutes for a quarter). The fact that I would take time to right this lengthy review says that I find it important to let others know of this campgrounds faults and help them avoid it.
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