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rating [ 1/10 ]
Do Not Stay Here!, Not unless you want to smell the CATTLE LOT just 200 ft. above the hill to the entrance. All dirt roads and lots of dust, non stop expressway noise. We arrived and weren’t sure how long we wanted to stay. (Wanted to visit Ft. Collins) Owner convinced us rate would be cheaper to pay for one month in advance, so we did. Paid for one month and regretted it every day we stayed. Refused to give us a refund very next morning. The sites were extremely unlevel, even his new deluxe ones; which we did not stay in. It took TWO pallets to reach our steps. Mud holes and ruts. Most sites had old trailers and long term residents. Lots of old junk laying around them. Not a place to bring children. Pool had green mossy water. Wi-Fi never got working. Absolutely NO water pressure and water smelled very, very bad, we used only bottled water and water purifier in our tank. Unless you like tilting your motorhome so the tires are completely OFF the ground and rolling out of bed and smelling cow dung; I’d not recommend staying here; It’s a KOA DUMP.
rating [ 3/10 ]
This is NOT a BIG RIG park. Nor a park for any motorhome. Yes, they will take your money and lead you 2 miles into their park to a field. On the narrow road in which no one can pass; you will scrape the sides of your motorhome on tree branches, side to side, top to bottom. There is no way in which to turn around other than backing into a TOO SMALL space on a dead end field site. Opportunity arises to get stuck in mud. Site we finally got had no hookups. Sites within this park are mostly trailers that are there year round or summer rentals. Campfires abound. Great place for kids, dogs and if you have a travel trailer.
rating [ 4/10 ]
Very convenient park for SLC. Friendly young people in office are efficient and accommodating. Wi-Fi worked with no interruptions. Clean spaces, hot tub and pool. Pool is not heated and all close at 10pm. Many sites have mature trees. Park has area for long term renters adjacent to RV Park. They host dinners each night of week for reasonable amount. Didn't try, but sounded like good home cooked meals. Would not walk outside area at night, but saw no problems here.
rating [ 2/10 ]
There are no other campgrounds in the area. This is any port in a storm. This one is dirt roads, some grass and very large shade trees. Not too many spots for big rigs. Can get muddy if it rains. Friendly people, invited us to their Halloween party first night there, we declined, but we're impressed by the welcome anyways. No frills older park but beats Wal Mart lot where big rigs run and trade containers ALL night in every empty lot within 40 miles. The rate is very reasonable and surprisingly quiet for being just off highway 15.
rating [ 4/10 ]
It’s a Very nice park with a new north section for large rigs. We spent two months in this park which has a clean and open feeling. Nice 18ft. wide concrete spaces to park on surrounded by grass with grapefruit trees. You can easily wash your rig on this huge pad. New area has its own mailbox bank. Park is located away from town and typically quiet except for workers cutting grass, trimmers and blowers frequently cleaning pads and roads every few days. Park entrance is two miles from expressway down a side street. Watch out for chuck holes and dump trucks (business entrance) and low hanging branches. There is still construction on off ramp this year. But once you're parked, it's not too bad to traverse in a car. Unfortunately it’s about 5 -6 miles to stores and restaurants which is a negative and about 45 minutes to McAllen. It’s a great place for walking. They separate dog spaces to the perimeter areas. New park models going up in this new section as well. Nice place to try if you don't mind being away from town.
rating [ 3/10 ]
This is a no frills park, but accommodating. Lady in office very nice, but does not know sites. We called in a reservation asking for a space without trees. When we arrived, we could no way get into the pull through site, not even backing in. It is best to get into your toad and check out site first. The sites are not level (in dirt) and can be rutted after a rain. Very narrow when pulling into pull through sites because of the trees and high concrete patio. Friendly place, nothing special, but good for short stays.
rating [ 2/10 ]
Stayed 5 ½ months this year, our third winter in this park. The Wi-Fi internet works sporadically at best and you have to wait in line when it does work. Last year and again this year we were told someone from California is coming to fix it. (Surely, you are kidding! maybe they are walking?). People are very friendly here and that’s why we returned. Will not next season. The main pool was closed today for "pool deck repairs"; walking inside there is no evidence of any repairs needed. Whereas the outside pool has tiles falling off as with 3 out of 4 showers inside have tiles falling off the shower walls with drywall exposed. One toilet and shower “out of order. Paint is falling off the ceiling and it smells very much like urine. They've been that way for over 5 months! There is one arrogant security guard in Ranchos who thinks he owns the place; sets temperatures in the weight rooms at 75*. It’s very hard to breathe while working out – stifling. Weight room is adjacent to sewing room and in same complex as computer room – One thermostat for all three rooms. They’ve locked the outside door to weight room you have to go through sewing room. (so treadmills can’t be stolen I was told) so you can’t open the door either.( Fire Hazard? ) The Ranchos security guard checks there constantly and will close the windows telling you “We’re not allowed to open the windows”. There’s NO air to breath in room with LOW ceilings and that’s not healthy breaking by any terms. Garbage day is tues. and then the street sweeper truck runs all day. He passed by 11 times last tuesday. The machine uses NO WATER, so the dust just keeps blowing on everything you own and filtrates inside. He really enjoys his job. You can not keep your car or rig clean here. Spaces are too tight (3' from slides to neighbors car doors) to wash rig and the hard water spots are awful. There is new management in this park. An original park model owner who contributed greatly and had lived here 33 years, never been late with a payment; sold her model in March and owners would not give her even a partial refund on this years fully paid rent. – Guess CAL AM needed her money bad. During the entire month of March there are lots of children visiting grandparents from Canada and U.S for spring break so it’s really hard to relax at the pool. As to using Coast to Coast- Last year I did the figures, but you can check yourself. If you use coast to coast you have to pay the local taxes………. that plus the cost of your points is not figured into thread above. The very nice gals in the office told me it would be cheaper to stay three months as then you are considered a resident and then you are charged a the lower “ resident tax”. Otherwise, staying here is more expensive when using Coast to Coast. There were three cars broken into during March inside the park, but I suppose it’s because the arrogant security guard is too busy patrolling the thermostat. All public rooms (weight room, computer, sewing, laundry) are to closed at 11pm (says so in brochure and confirmed by crafts director). Which, at 11 pm. they do in the other parts of this park. But the arrogant security guard comes in at 10:15 and kicks you out, stating he gets off work at 11:00 and needs to close up.? Other residents have said he likes to get off early. As with any park, the longer you stay the more you learn what it’s like. I’m just relieved that we didn’t buy into this one. Infamous quote: “One rotten bean can spoil the whole pot”.
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