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rating [ 1/10 ]
We will never reserve a space here again! Customer service was just terrible & we go south each winter, so we spend a lot of time in RV camps. I've never seen a more filthy and run-down place since we started RVing 2 years ago. The pool is empty (broken - a "broken pool"?? Right beside highway so you hear all the traffic 24/7. When we checked our bank account, they had charged us Rally Week rates - the Rally isn't for another 5 days. We came to have the first of my cataracts removed. Everyone else was charged thirty some dollars a night until the 8th. I'm sure they didn't think we'd notice. Just think how much money they could make by charging each camper $10-$20 more than advertised. That would be a lot of money for their dishonest office staff. This is a LOSER park - I'm doing you a favor telling you about it. There's even trash spread around the inner roads - beer cans, squashed paper drink cups, etc and the Rally doesn't start for another week. I cannot imagine trying to "relax & get away from it all" here. No, this is where you'll want to get away from! Sincerely!
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is not a very big park, but I liked that. Many full time residents. Everyone was friendly and interested in the new couple (us!). Even seasonal visitors decorated for the holidays outside of their RV. Everyone you see says Hi! The office and ground workers couldn't have been more helpful. It's a pretty area. This is my favorite RV site so far.
rating [ 4/10 ]
Big, seems well run. No pool and Wi-Fi was very weak until after 11:00 pm or early in the morning. Staff was gracious and friendly. Terrible gravel. It is the big kind with very sharp edges. It is everywhere. So you can bring your dog but that is what it has to walk on when not on the road itself. Very nicely presented special suppers and events. Poker and group trips out for lunch and dinner. Small to average room between RV's. Each lot gets one small tree. I would not stay here again because it looks too industrial. We kept the shades down. When you are on vacation, you don't want to look at gravel and RV's. I don't, anyway.
rating [ 2/10 ]
RV's are packed in as tight as a truck stop. We have 4 ft between our front door and the neighbor's slide out. No pool, no bingo and no planned activities except a potluck once a month. We are in the shade of the next RV (in January) so we would have to set our chairs in front of the backed in RV, out in the road, to sit in the sun. Gravel but at least not the huge kind with sharp edges. There is one tiny fenced off area designated as a dog park. We will not stay here again. Way too tight and nothing to do.
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