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rating [ 9/10 ]
Pricey but excellent campground, with a fine (expensive) restaurant. Good hiking trails adjacent as it is on the Katy Trail along the Missouri River. There is some street construction in town nearby but access to the park is good, with a somewhat tight right-angle turn between phone poles being the main challenge, but doable. Helpful and knowledgeable staff.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Very nice, plain campground in a former pasture with farming all around. No frills, although the central building has all you really need -- tables, some games, chairs, restrooms, showers, some books. Owner-manager was nice and very helpful. Very windy when we were there. The building is also a weather shelter. Lots of fast food in town a few miles away, but we couldn't find a decent sit-down restaurant.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This campground is in a beautiful area. It is well maintained, the staff are pleasant and helpful. Sites are spacious and level. There are no restrooms or showers (not a choice when inputting a review!). The campground is uphill and across the street from a small high and middle school, which has not been a problem. There is sometimes some sound from a lumber company just south of the park. Still, it is one of the better private campgrounds. We would stay here again.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Beautiful desert-mountain campground. There are two areas, A and B. Campground B is newer, has excellent restroom and shower facilities, but a bit less shade than A. Campground A is older, generally has smaller sites, and the restroom and shower are on the small side. Showers are the type that have a timer button outside the shower, so it goes off after a couple of minutes. Also, the shower head is fixed, as are the amount and temperature of the water. The men's showers were needlepoint sharp sprays with very high pressure, to me. By contrast, Campground B was very modern, adjustable, and comfortable. Lots of room for handicap access in B. We had no problem getting a 42' motor home into sites in B, and it wasn't very difficult in A. I believe there's a 14-day limit when they're busy.
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