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rating [ 8/10 ]
We visited this park on a recommendation from a storage neighbor. It is very kid friendly and the staff does a wonderful job keeping the kids busy with activities. Running the train non stop on check out days is a blessing so we can pack up and clean. The one thing I would say is expect people to walk in your camp site. It's just kind of the way it is, due to the design of the campground. Most of the play areas for the kids are in the middle of the park with camp sites on the outside, so no matter where you park your rig, someone will walk in your site. Even though everyone was very respectful, visitors need to have a proper expectation of the reality of the park. We are going back again and look forward to the next visit. This is a great park and the owners are absolutely class acts and will do what they can to provide a great experience. Not many parks offer that. A true asset to the RV'er
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is not a typical KOA, this is a destination. This is one of our favorite parks to visit. We have family in HS so it is nice to have our rig with us when visiting. During the summer the pool is open, they love kids having lots of activities and fun things at night. Even a miniature golf area and local pizza that is not too bad. It is rare to be at a park that treats you like one of the family and we've been treated that way on every visit. A real asset. This is a family owned park and they are great. The sites are older and tight but once back in you really feel like your in the forest, well you are really. We always come back and always will.
rating [ 9/10 ]
What a great park so close to DFW. Great hiking and biking trails as well as some great horse trails. Lots of Geo Caches too! We visit as often as we can and they do offer Wi-Fi but near the office so if you want to check mail you can run up there. The park gets busy, so go early to get your sites.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is our 3rd visit to the park. It is new and under new management but we do like it because is is out in West Texas; not busy but is close enough to home and far enough away to be "away." It is gravel pull throughs. They are level, super long, and there is plenty of space between campers. You do have access to the Country Club pool that is near by, not to mention the weight room and golf course. We were there for the 4th on the lake, and it was fun. We already booked our sites for next year. We camped there with 7 other families and we were allowed to go awning to awning which made camping even more fun. Love this little park.
rating [ 6/10 ]
I would give this a 10 for location to our house. Its a quick get away but they seem to be allowing more and more folks that tent camp, thus don't have the greatest camping etiquette, if you will. We will no longer get a water front site because we get uninvited guests in your campsite. One helped himself to a beer out of our cooler. Other than that, its a great place. Buying the season pass is well worth it if you camp here like we do: around 6-10 times per year. Quick and easy, but know where to go.
rating [ 10/10 ]
What a great change from RV Ranch, to the new JellyStone park. This our 6th visit to the park, it is such a good place for kids and best of all it is growing and they are adding more, including a small water park that will be open next year. The pools are no longer "adult" only, and the park is refreshed with people, new attitudes and it has become our favorite park. The activities and crafts for the kids are great. Cannot wait to go back.
rating [ 2/10 ]
This is our second trip to Admiralty, and our last. On our first trip, we were a little put off by all the adult only feel of the park...for a park this close to Sea World you would think they would appeal more to families, but they do not. That being said we decided to stay here again because we didn't know the area and other parks around. We wish we would have gone to another park near by. The sites are just too close together. The Wi-Fi works about 5% of the time. It is free but have had to use our Verizon air card for actual service. Our main complaint is the office hours. We took the free shuttle to Sea World then back to the park in which we arrived back at the RV park at 4:55 pm...they had already locked up the office and I needed a bag of ice. I saw them in there and knocked and they said..."sorry we're closed, should have gotten here earlier". OK, how could we get there earlier when we took THEIR shuttle from Sea World. Would office hours of 5:30 kill them? Secondly, this park is getting run down. Last year it was "cleaner". This year our little 4x6 patio is all weeds and to sit out there and try to grill in that mess, I got ate up by the bugs. Play ground needs a refresh, pads need to be cleaned up. Attitude towards guests paying premium needs to be adjusted. There is another RV park near by that is cleaner, has longer office hours, and free shuttle to and from Sea World. Shame on us for not listening to those who said so. Now we know for sure. Now we know why this park is empty. Word must be getting around.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This was our first camping trip to HS. My wife is from here and this is where we were married. We found this KOA from this site, and we are sure glad we stayed here. It was WAY more than what we expected. Very clean, quiet, and the staff was great. They have a store on site that is great. We were there during a VERY cold first night and our water line froze. The staff was very helpful in fixing that for us. Also got our LP filled for cheap. This is a GREAT KOA and we will visit again. If you have a satellite dish, you will want to be on the left side up the hill before looping back to the store. The Entrance is very steep but you can do it, take your time. The Wi-Fi worked great and was super cheap per day. It came in handy. We met some really nice folks here and we look forward to going back. There are other parks in HS. If you hadn't been here before, you will want to stay here after you see the other parks. Diesel gas is also close by and so is the Nat Park (down town). Lots of trees. I would take your leveling blocks, you may need them on some pads.
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