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rating [ 3/10 ]
First, they are not in Bend as their ads would have you believe. They are some 20 miles south, and if you put their address in your GPS you won't come close. If you try to call when you can't find them, you'll never reach a human, and they won't return your call. When we finally got there, staff and a member laughed about how much non-members pay within earshot after readily admitting that almost every non-member gets lost and arrives angry. The first site we set up in had a broken breaker switch. All in all, a rather shabby and disappointing park. They do have a decent pool and hot tub.
rating [ 8/10 ]
The owner and staff here are exceptionally friendly and helpful. The grounds are well maintained and landscaped. They even have a large garden and guests are welcome to help themselves to fresh vegetables. Sites are gravel but well done and level.
rating [ 4/10 ]
We expected more after seeing their advertisements and the rates they charge. Also, we needed to have a Wi-Fi connection to access the Internet during our stay and called ahead the day before to be certain that it wouldn't be a problem. We were assured that they had reliable Internet. When we arrived, we reiterated our need and were put in a spot "with the best chance". It turns out that no site in the Park was able to access the Internet and that had been the case for some time. There were few, if any, sites that were level. The washing machines only filled up about a third of way with water and some did not rinse properly, resulting in clothes that looked dirtier after washing than before. There was a bag of dog excrement at an empty site when we arrived and it was still there 5 days later when we left. On the plus side, they had the cleanest and nicest restrooms we've ever seen at an RV Park.
rating [ 9/10 ]
A very nice RV Park with friendly, helpful staff. Well landscaped with a variety of plants and roomy sites. As others have said, the Wi-Fi works very well (rare for Tengo). Restrooms and laundry are unusually nice and clean. Our rate reflects a weekly rate of $198.
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