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rating [ 1/10 ]
This park is a total dump. Part of the electric hook-up posts were falling down, the office is filthy, has not been cleaned in years. Lots of full time people living here, some in pretty trashy spaces as well as their rigs. Spaces that we were shown, were so out out of level there was no way we could get our 40' motorhome level. Roads are narrow and very dusty. The road coming in is full of holes and very dusty. They do not trim back the trees: if you park a big rig in front of the office, you will get the sides scratched. We figure about $2K in scratch damage (brand new motorhome at the time) for trying to squeeze through the entrance side. We spent one night and that was one night too many! Would never return.
rating [ 1/10 ]
This park is very old, & in a very bad neighborhood. The office door is locked 24/7 & they check you on camera before they buzz you in. That should give you a good clue of the neighborhood. There is a awful scummy trailer park right next door & we heard gunshots very close coming from there on two different occasions. We never saw any security. The park is all gravel, very dusty & you have a view of a block wall fence in most spaces. The planes do fly over the park from Nellis & they are very low & we could not get used to them. 5-7 planes at a time, can't hear a thing until they are gone & this can start in early AM & occur several times a day. Rest rooms were spotless. Some of the nicest we have seen. The owner & staff are great folks. Could not find nicer folks & the steak house in the front the food was wonderful. Very high priced tho. We did not feel safe at all, not with the awful trailer park right next door & the shootings at night. I realize this is nothing the park can do about it & its really to bad. Would we return, no, we will not.
rating [ 1/10 ]
This park is dirty. We have stayed here three times in our motorhome & this spring was the last. Each time it has gotten worse. Spaces are unlevel, park is not being kept up, lots of full timers living there. We will not return. Roads are narrow & bad. It was hot when we stayed & we asked for a shade tree & we were put between 2 dead trees!! It was windy & we were concerned about limbs falling from these dead trees. We will not go back.
rating [ 5/10 ]
We have stayed in this park three times, this year we stayed a month. We will not be back. Nothing against the park except in August the fruit flies move in & they saturate your RV. Last year we stayed 2 weeks in August, we had to bomb our RV after we left to get rid of them. We were hoping this year they would be gone by September--Wrong! We again are going to have to bomb our coach when we leave to get rid of them. There is a cherry canning factory next door. They also are letting the park run down some. Grass is dead in most spots, weeks taking over, which is a shame as its in a really nice location.
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