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rating [ 8/10 ]
This park is very large but the campground section is much smaller and more crowded than it needed to be. The sites are about average sized for a private campground but I expected more privacy in a public park that has an access road over 6 miles long. We spent about half a day touring the gorge and waterfalls by car and found the whole park clean and well kept. The waterfalls and scenic views were very easy to find and get to. Most of the views were handicapped accessible. The only difficult section was the trail to the "Lower Falls" and that was clearly marked with an alternative walk to an easy view. Take your camera.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We registered and paid for the site (they do not accept credit or debit cards), then one of the owners led us to our site on his ATV. The roads were rough but passable. The bathrooms were in a shack that had seen better days but were clean and well maintained. There was a herd of deer that hung out in the area. I think we saw more deer than people in this Campground. We toured the Crayola Museum in Eaton, PA (about a 20 minute ride). It was a pleasant, quiet stay. I would come back here for the peace and quiet.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is the second time I have stayed at this park. The park is really nice and the staff friendly and helpful. The bathrooms were clean and in good repair. We used the cable TV hookup and got 8 channels. The grounds were clean and well cared for. One delightful surprise was a large number of fireflies in the evening. We used the laundry and found it clean and well cared for but the driers seemed to take forever. Overall a great place to stay in Gettysburg.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We went to this park during Memorial Day weekend. The Campground Hosts were wonderful and very helpful. During the weekend, the showers and bathrooms were filthy but on the Monday and Tuesday they were much cleaner. The shower curtains were moldy and the plumbing needed work. There was a posted warning about ticks and chiggers and they were not kidding. Every evening that I was outside I came in with at least six of the critters on me until I started soaking myself in deet. The park is a lovely gem so close to DC but the bathrooms and the critters made it less then pleasant to stay here.
rating [ 7/10 ]
I called their office on Thursday to ask if there were sites available for the weekend. I was told there were sites available, but no reservations could be made less than a week before the arrival date. I asked when the office closed and was told 7:00 PM. I left work a bit early. I called the office and let them know we were on the way. I was then told the office closed at 6:00 PM. We arrived at the office at 6:05 PM. Although there was someone here, all the computers were shut down. Since I had called, they had set aside a site for us and left a map. If I had not called ahead, we would have had to set up on the "Safari Field" and registered the next day. They do not accept credit or debit cards, only cash and checks. Our stay was pleasant. The campground roads were a bit rough, but not bad. The site was gravel and slightly sloped for drainage. We had enough room for the trailer with the awning open and the truck, but not much room to spare. The fire ring was in a depression with uneven ground between campsites and was really not usable. We were not planning to spend much time in the campground, so this was not that important. The convenience to Newport was the primary reason we came here. I thought the price was a bit steep for what we got, but this is a high-rent area. We plan to go back.
rating [ 6/10 ]
My wife and I camped here and found the staff to be friendly and helpful. I was surprised by the other reviews. The pool was full of happy kids and adults, the rules were made clear to us and we chose to pay the extra $3/night to use our A/C. The site was large for a private campground and the restrooms were clean. It wasn't the best place ever but certainly not as bad as many private places. To be honest, we did not return there because we found an even nicer place up the road.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Harold Parker is a treasure close to Boston. The park has miles of hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding trails among eleven ponds for boating and fishing and swimming. There are more geocaches in this park than I have ever seen before. The Rangers keep the bathrooms and showers neat and clean. The sites are large and well spaced. Most sites are surrounded by trees. We come here whenever we need a short getaway. The only issue with Harold Parker is the historic use of the Park as a party place for many young people. The Rangers have started to staple the rule stating "Alcohol is not allowed in any Massachusetts State Park" to every campground map so I believe there will be a zero tolerance for alcohol related disturbances. Even so, inspect your site before allowing the kids to run barefoot. Police patrol through the park and campground regularly day and night. This is a lovely place and the Rangers are doing a great job preserving and restoring it.
rating [ 1/10 ]
The site we were on was so small I had to park my truck perpendicular to the trailer and my trailer is only 22 feet long. The restrooms were out of order most of the weekend and my wife was burned by the showers. The staff couldn't care less. Stay away from this overpriced disaster area.
rating [ 10/10 ]
I made a reservation on the Monday before we were planning to arrive and did not expect much. The Ranger was polite and helpful on the phone and explained that he didn't have any prime sites left but would put us in a smaller site directly across from the overflow parking area. When we arrived, we were greeted warmly and given directions to the site. The site was spotless and even raked! The fire place was clean and ready to go. The site was big enough that we could have parked the truck and trailer on it but we took advantage of the parking area across from the site as the Ranger suggested. The bathrooms and showers were spotlessly maintained by some dedicated workcampers. The staff were helpful and welcoming. This was, by far, the best camping experience we had in our three years with our little trailer. I almost hate to give away the secret of such a wonderful place. I can't wait to see what a prime site would have been like.
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