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rating [ 6/10 ]
This is a nice park if you don’t want full hookups. The sites down by the river only has power and are nice but mostly dirt. The sites up top have the full hookups and are ALL gravel to include your picnic table area, we did not like this and very hard of our dogs feet. The bathrooms and laundry were very clean, however it is a pay as you go shower. The campground has Internet but we thought very expensive at $6.95 a day. He also did not like how they drove around on their golf carts looking at you like you may be doing something wrong. The staff up front however was very nice.
rating [ 5/10 ]
This was an alright park, very little grass and mostly dirt sites. Most sites have tree and bushes for shade. Don’t go to the store one minute after closing because they will not acknowledge you at the door at all. The staff for the most part was very indifferent. The bathroom and laundry were clean. Pool was ok but had debris floating in it. I hope to not have to stay here again
rating [ 7/10 ]
This is a nice park. The front office staff was very nice, although if watching a television program you were second. The sites all have grass, however due to the heat are very dry. The laundry room, bathroom and pool were clean and inviting. We were there during a very hot time and the power did go off several times, the workers kept blaming it on the town power company but however it turn out to be their power problem, but would not own up to it. The maintenance man was not real helpful during this time and didn’t seem to know a lot, except for how to be condescending. The restaurant up front was not real good and had a ton of flies. The Mexican restaurant ½ block away was very good. All and all we would stay there again
rating [ 9/10 ]
We found this park to be very friendly, comfortable and clean. The staff went out of their way to meet all of our needs. The wi-fi worked very well all over the entire park. The shower, bathrooms, laundry and pool were very clean and inviting. The only fall backs were little grass and very few shade trees. All in all we really enjoyed our visit. We will stay there again.
rating [ 10/10 ]
The owners are very nice. The work campers are out of this world, so friendly. The office store just has minimal supplies, not a lot. The Wi-Fi is just a nominal fee with a strong signal throughout the park. All sites are level and grassy. The bathrooms are for individuals and very, very clean. The laundry is also neat and clean. Didin't use, but the clubhouse looked adequate. Very easy ingress and egress. For a nominal fee, you can wash your rig on site. (Nice touch!) Will frequent this park OFTEN!!!
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