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rating [ 5/10 ]
Very nice, recently remolded, It is in the city, so if passing through nice place to stop. The cottonwood trees can be very messy. Small quaint place to camp.
rating [ 6/10 ]
Very nice place to camp. Close to home for us. Not very good for swimming but great for fishing...
rating [ 5/10 ]
The scenery was simply gorgeous. The weather was great. We were on site 65. Right near the walkway that went between two streets. I loved the place, however, we had 3 campsites, 6 adults and 12 teenagers. That was our children, cousins and friends included. Lights out is at 11pm and, precisely at 11pm, it seemed like every single light in the campground went out. No fires lit, no one walking around nothing. It was dead here. Other than that, a very nice place to camp. I would recommend for families with young children, and senior citizens (no beer or wine allowed at the park).
rating [ 1/10 ]
This place treats the non-seasonal campers horrible. I have two teenagers, a boy and a girl. They were up playing basketball when some other teens came up, took their ball and called them "WEEKENDERS". When my son took the ball back the kid punched him! Needless to say the park did nothing. We also were called weekenders by these same teens who double as night patrol. They actually yelled at us when my kids went to the bathroom and said "they are sick and and tired of telling us they can't be off the site after 11pm and they told us last weekend" . The only problem with that is WE WEREN'T THERE THE WEEKEND BEFORE! The main office and groundspeople are rude. Everyone treats your horribly if you are not a seasonal person. I would not recommend taking children there or use of any of the amenities. These teens try to rule the park. It is not a good park. Save your time, money and headaches. Go to go to a state park, you will have a better time. The bathrooms and showers were horrible. They have seasonals who watch over the pool. I think they been in the sun too long. They are so mean. I am in my 40's and they treated me like a child. They are very nasty and yell the whole time. The tram and double dicker bus are nice but my kids could not go on it alone for fear of these park bullies. The people camping behind us had the same problem with their 9 year old twins girls. These girls were terrorized at the beach by these bullies. NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL
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