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rating [ 8/10 ]
First time here. We have heard from several how much they love the place, so we had to try it. The pools were nice and clean. They have 2 pools which helps alleviate crowds, but we had no crowds this weekend. There is a really nice, but steep!, hiking trail taking you to a beautiful vista. There was a nice band in the Pavilion. Wish they had more of an audience, as they were pretty good. The arcade wasn't that great; few games and a couple of them were broken. Snack shack on site that had a lot of choices and not terrible pricing. They have a bunch of dirt mounds for boys to bike on moto-cross style located adjacent to baseball field. The lake beaches were well raked and peaceful with coffee first thing in the morning. The store is well stocked with a huge variety of clothing choices for sale. Biggest problem I had was the sites are on top of each other. We camped with friends next site over, thank goodness. If we had strangers that close, I would've been miserable. Also, there are mostly seasonals here. I found them to not be as friendly as those doing weekend stays. We did hear a lot of parties going on with the seasonal sites all around us. Nothing that affected us directly as they were several sites over, but if I heard it right next to me, I would've hated it. End summary is to definitely give this a try for a weekend and search around for sites you might like later.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is our "go-to" Labor Day Weekend campground. I prefer the smaller campgrounds; which this is. The entire area is always so clean; including the pool. The pool is heated and can get crowded, however, it is cyclical - people come and go constantly, so you can find a chair. They have just expanded their cabin rentals, although a few were not completed in time for Labor Day, 2013. The cabins are beautifully built and are interspersed throughout the campground. This campground is definitely gaining in popularity as it was fully booked this Labor Day. You will enjoy your visit here.
rating [ 9/10 ]
While we've only visited about 5 campgrounds as we are new campers, this is our favorite. Why? It has large sites and large firepits! We've been to Moose Hillock twice; first in Oct, 2012 when the pool was shut down; second in June 2013 when we were all by ourselves in the back half of the campground. It was awesome having no one around us as you truly felt you were backwoods camping. The pool is a big draw to this place as it's has pirate ship with slides and is heated. The June 2013 trip saw a lot of rain the previous night really taking down the pool temps. This place is also very large so that kids can bike everywhere. Also, the rules on their site look strict with alcohol, but make sure you have your Red Solo Cups and you'll be fine. Don't walk around with beer cans in hand. We have not gone in peak July and August time frames as we've heard the place will be 100% capacity and the pool is quite full. So, this is our resident favorite that we will stick with in off peak season. They are opening up a NY/Lake George area location in Spring 2014, and we will definitely go try that one out as they told us they are building it the same with large sites and large firepits.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We decided to do Crownpoint for a quick getaway as we only live 45 mins from the place. It is in a very country location not near any larger city, so don't plan on going out to dinner anywhere close. When we checked in, we heard the check in employee tell our friends who were also checking in: "We are very strict on our pool rules." She was right, they are strict. You cannot use the slide located in the pond without a life preserver. My kids have gone to water parks on bigger slides and not needed life preservers; second, as an adult who swims well, I'm not wearing a life preserver. The pool was super clean, and the deck and chairs very nice! However, they advertise it is heated, but it was not heated when we went in July. Therefore, it was COLD, but the air temps were in the 80's and full sun, so I found it refreshing. My husband and kids found it too cold. The campground's sites are kind of close together, but we were there with friends, so we didn't mind. This campground is mostly seasonals, so there are a limited amount of sites for weekenders. Overall, we had a very good quick weekend getaway and the place is very clean, so we would go again.
rating [ 7/10 ]
I highly recommend reserving the Best Ocean Front sites if you like to wake up and have coffee overlooking the ocean. However, these sights are not full hookups - water and elec only. I had a full round of complaints by my kids and huband when they found out they had NO Cable. There is a honey wagon that comes very promptly around 9/10am for $25. Our water hookup leaked terribly so that I had to put a big bowl underneath and empty it constantly. We told 2 maintenance guys that they just needed to change the water connector; but they just said "yep, we'll look into it". However, we didn't have big expectations they would fix it. The water hookup in the site next to us had the same problem. This campground needs some simple maintenance to all the water hookups. We did use the swimming pool and it was Too Hot! They have the heat turned up too high. I love warm water, but this was excessive. I think it also lead to the pool looking a little green. They don't have the chemicals regulated for such a hot pool. The showers were not that great, but just make sure you wear your flipflops. The pressure was terrible and the hot water not consistent in the larger bath house in fact there was No hot water one morning. I switched to the smaller bath house and got good pressure and better hot water. The arcade needs a full refresh of the games and pool tables. However, most arcades we see at all campgrounds need refreshes. While all of this reviews sounds like the place is terrible, I still would go back! You are not in Bar Harbor to stay at your campground. You are there to explore, so the campground does empty out by 9am each morning with everyone leaving to go explore the area. As mentioned in opening, we had an ocean front site where they put the campfire pit right near the ocean instead of right on the roadway so you have your campfire overlooking the ocean. We had wonderful neighbors and the last 2 nights had NO neighbors, so no complaints there. I also made sure to walk the entire campground and will tell those reading this that if you do the Full Hookup sites, you are right On Top of each other. I'm sure that all Bar Harbor campgrounds are the same where you are very close together. At the end of the day, I do recommend Mt. Desert Narrows for the location and about 80% of the Ocean front spots are pretty good.
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