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rating [ 6/10 ]
Met up here with family. Lots of nice pines for some shade. Nice grounds. Ended up with a 15A full hookup site. Could not figure out why a CG that had recently updated their services, as evidenced by the new posts/water lines/plugs, would only provide 15A for a spot designed for bigger units. (ie. those with AC.) No ability to reset your power as they cheaped out and only mounted a plug box on the post. If you blow the breaker after 9PM you're out of luck as the office is closed. Suffered in the heat for 3 nights with only the fan going. Brother-in-law was put in a site that barely fit his trailer and had to park his truck elsewhere, while the site next to us, which was more than large enough for him, stayed empty the whole time we were here. Sigh. Owners seem to have their grandkids doing the cleaning, etc., so not the best job done on the bathrooms. Very pet unfriendly. Can't get within 500 feet of any water for the dog to cool off. Beach is small and overcrowded. Lake is nice though, if you can get past all the folks who have their chairs parked at the water's edge. Overall 'average' experience. Will not return as there is no allowances for bringing pets.
rating [ 3/10 ]
Arrived around 1PM and plugged in to get the AC going: 102 degrees out. Could not believe that we were attacked by swarms of mosquitoes in the heat of the day. Beautiful grounds. 30A breaker blew with AC/fridge/hot water heater on. Not good considering we were going to leave the dog in the trailer while we headed into Leavenworth. Switched the fridge to gas and turned off the HW heater. Headed to the swimming area and while searching for a spot to set our stuff out I smashed my big toe on an exposed hose-bib that was about 4" above the concrete. Very hard to see. The enclosure for it was missing as the one on the other side of the beach had one. Bleeding like a stuck pig I headed back to the trailer to repair myself. Luckily, no stitches. Tried to get some shower tokens from the machine ($1 for 3) and the machine spit out 1 token and a dime: huh!?!? Men's shower had 1 of 2 out of order. Inserted token in the 'working' one and the stream of water never changed as I almost spun to handle off the wall. Sigh. Not very impressive for the amount of money we paid. CG fee plus reservation fee plus non-resident fee. Sorry Washington State, we're done with your Parks.
rating [ 2/10 ]
Arrived at the park in the mid-day heat. Unhooked, plugged in and got the AC going. Went out for a bit and came back to find the trailer a little cooler, but not what we were used to. A few minutes later the Ranger knocks on our door and apologizes for the power going out. What?!?! Apparently the 8 spots in our section of the full hookup section are on an "old breaker" that kept blowing. She said they'd reimburse us to the next level of service down: $2. Wow! The campground is old and cramped. Seems like Washington State is suffering pretty badly right now, so that may be the reason, but we decided that we'll just use private CG's there on our way to Oregon. Fee is based on CG fee/reservation fee/non-resident fee.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We stayed here on our way back from Yellowstone to check out Craters of the Moon. When we pulled in, it didn't WOW us, but once settled in we discovered it's quite the gem. Our three boys saw the mini golf and immediately set off to have a game. They asked an older fellow (the owner I believe) if he knew where they had to pay for it, and he stopped mid-shuffle and said, "Well boys, the putters and balls are right there, so help yourself." We didn't see them for a couple hours. When I went over to check on them they met me at the horseshoe pits, which I challenged them to a game of. Another hour past. In the morning we hit the cafe for breakfast and we had a hoot trying to count all the dollar bills taped to the ceiling, and offered them a Loonie (we're Canadians, eh) for their collage. This is not a flashy Resort, but I've never felt so comfortable at a place before. A simple family run park. Can't help but smile when thinking about our stay there. If there was a pool the kids wouldn't have wanted to leave.
rating [ 3/10 ]
We reserved a full hookup back-in site 2 months prior to our visit. We arrived and were given our site # and found it still occupied, so we walked back to the office and the response was, "Really, well it should be empty." The site next to it was empty so they gave us that one. Unhooked the trailer and had the boys setting the jacks when I decided to plug into the 30A so we could get the A/C going (it was hot out). The power post is shared with the neighbouring site, which didn't bother me, but when I lifted the cover there was only 1 30A receptacle and the neighbour was plugged into it. Another walk down to the office was met with, "So the issue is that you can't use your A/C?" It was right then I noticed multiple signs posted saying that "Verbal abuse towards employees will not be tolerated." Hmmmm. I said, "So I paid for full hookups and because I didn't get to my site first that means I missed out on the 30A plug?" A blank look was given back to me. Sigh. After offering a few other sites with the same issue I was given one that was suitable. Found the Laundry and was pleased to see that they had 4 washers as we had 12 days of stuff to wash. Only 2 dryers were working so we loaded 'em up and promptly had them eat our quarters. Another walk down to the Office. She said, "Oh, I guess the money box is full." When I asked if someone could remedy it a simple "No" was her response. My wife said, "So we have to haul our 4 loads of wet laundry down here to dry then?" She responds, "If you want them dry then I guess so." Bottom line: A campground run by NON-CAMPERS. Facilities are OK, but the attitude is not. Will not return.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Very happy to try this Park with our new travel trailer. When we called in our reservation the manager was very friendly and helpful. She was equally as pleasant in person. We were in a pull-through round-about site that fit our 29' trailer OK. Would opt for a back-in site next time. Grounds were in great shape and washrooms were very clean. Cable hookup is a bit odd as in spots only every other service 'tombstone' had cable. There were two connections on it so we were able to string our cable to one - just in time to watch the Canucks game!!! Excellent location right across from Deception Pass State Park. We will be back for sure!!
rating [ 9/10 ]
Stayed hear on our way out to Ottawa, Ontario. Pulled in and were greeted very warmly. Very friendly couple running it and they were in the midst of upgrading it - new gravel etc. Kids loved the pool. Excellent restroom facilities, and very nice walking trails. Will be returning this summer on our way to Alberta - looking forward to it!
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