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rating [ 5/10 ]
This is a preliminary review since we just got here and first impressions last forever. The place is right on the interstate frontage road with construction of some sort next door. A continuous beep, beep, beep is irritating. I expect it will be quieter tonight. The main office is where a guests should be treated well. First, approaching the door, the sign says " No vehicle washing" note vehicle is misspelled. Then we walk in and some old man is kicked back in my grandpa's recliner. He asked if we were coming or going. Well, we just pulled up in front of the door with a motorhome and tow facing in so he must have been asleep. He works himself out of the lazy-boy and gives me my receipt, which was prepaid. I asked him if i was disturbing him. He gave me a map of the park with a highlighted route to my site. We got no other info on showers, wifi, etc. So, I get in my site and my motorhome and tow is filthy from rain and mud in my travels. I decided that I would wash the car regardless since it was so dirty I couldn't see through the glass. I did a half-fast job and only washed the front and part of the sides. I was so afraid that the car wash cops would bust me but I was quick and frugal with the water. Good thing, it is going to be about 35 degrees tonight and I would have been happy to sleep with the windows open and all my electric heaters on. I'll be here a week and will write a more thorough review when I check out. Meanwhile, this place is a one star resort. Oh yeah, a resort? Hardly.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This rate is an approximate monthly rate. This is a decent park, but the layout is confusing with mostly one-way gravel roads. During recent rains, it was obvious that drainage is a problem in spots. Nice dog run, excellent, newer shower / toilet rooms that are plenty warm during cold weather. I-95 noise is a constant reminder how close and convenient the park is to the interstate. The park staff is friendly. One area for improvement: Staffers should not be allowed to smoke around the guests, to include near the propane station. Yuck! Besides that, it is a nice enough place, and I would stay here again.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is a really busy campground during the peak season. Lots and lots of things to do. The good things are too long to list, but I really liked the on-site service and campground-based RV maintenance service. For a reasonable price they quickly evaluated and replaced our roof AC on site. This place is like a little city with almost everything available - store, post office, RV sales and supply store, laundromat, fast food, pools, cable TV at every site, arcade... all this is on a large scale. I always evaluate the restroom toilet paper, and it is the best in any park that I've ever visited. I visited the restroom once in the afternoon and it was really disgusting, all other times it was really clean and pleasant. The not so good: Golf cars are EVERYWHERE and at times super congested. Most drivers are courteous, but some of the folks, mostly younger drivers, drive too fast through the narrow streets, and don't know or obey the rules of the road. There are way too many golf carts in this campground and I would consider it rather dangerous, particularly for bicyclists and pedestrians. I don't think the 10mph rule that is "strictly enforced" can be enforced due to the sheer number of carts in this campground. I'd like to see the carts mechanically governed so they can't exceed 10 mph. We had no problems with noise at night. Overall, it is a nice family campground, but I think I would rather be in a quieter, less busy campground. Personally, I wouldn't stay here again because it is just my wife and myself, although I would recommend it for families that don't mind this kind of "big city" atmosphere.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Great park with lots of things to do. We were assigned a site close to the ocean but changed to s shady spot that wasn't so crowded and tightly packed in. That kind of site is good for some people, but not us. It seems that the park owners close down the campsites in the wooded area too early as many really nice sites near the lake weren't available. When we tried to move to another site, we wanted the less crowded areas but they were closed down (and it is mid-October). We did find a space close on the main road to the beach sites; noisy with traffic during the day but fairly quiet at night. The view of the ocean was blocked by the tightly spaced campers and a sand dune that separated the park from the beach. The general store was not very well stocked as the busiest summer season had passed. The lazy river tube floats were nice and relaxing. The outdoor pool was nice. The indoor pool was typical of an indoor pool with a very strong chlorine smell. The staff was nice and the problem in other reviews about kids and golf cars seemed to have been taken care of. The restrooms were new and very nice. This is a really nice park and it is apparent that the owners aren't afraid to invest in it.
rating [ 7/10 ]
A little pricey but considering the location and campground amenities, it was OK. It was a typical campground with nothing that would create a lasting memory. The restrooms were OK but the tight toilet space in the main restrooms is worth noting. The restrooms near the tent area is bigger and better. The staff seemed a little inexperienced with my reservation through Reserve America. I'd stay there again even though it was a pricey campground.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Not a bad park for a stopover. It is right off I-81. This campground has a big store and decks for relaxing and socializing. Even PA lottery tickets are sold here. The campground is OK, but not spectacular. There was trash in the creek and around the campground. At the check-in area, the dumpsters were overflowing, but in defense of the campground, it was a Sunday afternoon. Some inconsiderate camper's dog left a calling card at an adjoining site. The maintenance crew cleaned it up right away when I reported it. (Sorry, I'm not picking behind someone else's dog.) Overall, I'd stay here again because the price is reasonable and the staff is pleasant.
rating [ 9/10 ]
I agree with a review from a previous camper; the check-in is really weird. Yes, you must park on a hill to check in but even more weird is that the office is the campground owner's house. One must go in a side door which goes into a mothball smelling storage room. Then there is another door that we had to knock on. It goes into the kitchen where it also serves as an office. You are walking into their house and is a little unusual. Once past all this, the owners are really nice. The campground is surprisingly nice with a very quiet and quaint atmosphere. The sites are nice and the grounds are well maintained. Trash cans and sewer at every site (except tent sites) is really nice. Restrooms and shower area is one of the cleanest but like other campgrounds, the toilet paper is really thin and hard to get off the roll without tearing. Sites have a fire ring as well as a grill. TV reception is over-the-air with several decent channels. We spent 5 days here and can't find one complaint. If the owners had to make any improvements, I'd say the office and check-in area needs a complete makeover but for $30, it is a great campground.
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