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rating [ 9/10 ]
Great park and family friendly. We appreciate the zero entry toddler pool and playground for our little guy. The evening pool and hot tub rules are great. We liked being able to go in the hot tub without kids and teenagers crashing in the pool/hot tub. It's quite peaceful and beautiful, too. Everything is very clean, new and well manicured. If you have a pet, the dog ranch is next door, too. Great location across from Michigan Adventures and a well equipped camp store. Our only complaint, no shade because it is a newer park. In a few years when the trees grow, it will be perfect!
rating [ 7/10 ]
We used to love camping here before our son was born. It is a beautiful park overlooking Lake Michigan. The location is very close to Manistee and to shopping and fishing. The drawbacks: lots of traffic, site are unlevel and the bathrooms are extremely old. Also, to get down to the beach, the stair way is extremely steep and is several steps down. Therefore, pack light. Senior citizens and families struggle to get up and down these stairs to the beach, I find them pretty dangerous. Hint: There is another roadside beach about 3/4 mile down the road that we go to because it is just easier. They also allow dogs on this beach. If the state could take some time and money to level out the sites, improve bathrooms and stairs to beach, things would be excellent. This park is often booked and should get enough volume to have the revenue to make these improvements. As for traffic, I don't like going there anymore in fear of my son being hit by a car. There is pretty much one loop that goes around the park and lots of traffic in and out. Fisherman are in and out at all hours of the day and night. I am shocked by the amount of parents that let their kids ride bikes because there is so many cars and an accident waiting to happen. There is extra room on the side north side of the park for more sites, they could easily redesign and level out this park.
rating [ 9/10 ]
River Ridge Resort is a great RV park. It is well maintained and manicured. It is very quiet and family friendly. The staff is also very helpful and friendly, too. We have a three year old and find the playground and grassy area perfect for him. The camp store has everything and more that you will need. The pool is nice but, our only complaint is that there is not a hot tub. For the volume of people there, a second pool or an indoor pool may be a good idea. If you have a boat, this is a great place to go boating. The only other drawback is that you are quite a ways away from things to do or stores. While the campstore is huge and the park has a lot of activities, rainy days can be hard because you are far from the nearest town.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We love camping at Poncho's Pond. It is very family friendly and pet friendly. The bathrooms and showers are extremely clean. I am a germaphobe and appreciate the Sani Cleaners in the bathrooms and notice how everything is well maintained. The grounds are beautiful and well manicured. Even though a busy highway is nearby, we find it quiet and peaceful. As a dog owner, it is so nice to have an area for the dogs to do their business. The park store is well equipped and prices are reasonable, especially candy for the kids. We have a three year old and I find it very safe and traffic is minimal. There is an awesome playground for the kids to enjoy. The staff is extremely friendly and always helpful. We enjoy the use of the variety of pools and the excellent gym facilities. The park is large enough for a good walk/run and bike riding, too. I appreciate the free WiFi service and was provided with a router for back up. The park is close to shopping and just a few miles from Ludington State Park. You truly get the best of both worlds and their motto, "Camping at its best" is absolutely true. You will notice everyone is always smiling at Poncho's Pond: they are all happy campers for a reason. Poncho's Pond is our favorite RV Park and we recommend it to anyone.
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