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rating [ 3/10 ]
This is a very old RV park, with small sites and rundown amenities. There are lots of long-term semi-permanent residents. About half the park is dedicated to mobile homes and park models. But, the location is handy. The rates keep going up, though.
rating [ 3/10 ]
A former KOA CG. Old and dilapidated. The 30 Amp electrical outlet at assigned site did not work. I informed the manager who went to the breaker panel and started flipping breakers. Finally, power was restored to this outlet. I checked it for polarity and voltage (there is always a reason why the breaker trips), and satisfied all was correct, I plugged in my 30 to 50 Amp adapter (dogbone) and had power to the MH. I observed the receptacle was a very loose fit to the adapter plug. Next morning, as I was disconnecting, I discovered my adapter plug had partially melted and was stuck in the receptacle. With some effort, I was able to pull it loose. I inspected the receptacle and it looked to be partially melted and cracked. I informed the manager of the problem and the condition of the receptacle.
rating [ 1/10 ]
Old and rundown, but that doesn't keep them from raising their rates each year. We have stayed here 3 or 4 times, and each time I swear not to do it again. But this time, in mid-May, the water lines and sewer lines were just beginning to thaw, revealing several bursted and broken lines. Raw sewage was all around the first site assigned to us. We moved to another site and reported the mess to the manager, who replied "the maintenance people have been notified." We will not stop here this year!
rating [ 1/10 ]
This is a Passport America park (1/2 price for one night). The CG is old and rundown. We pulled in late afternoon with intentions of staying only the night, leaving the MH and visiting a museum in Owensboro the next morning, and departing the CG that afternoon. We told the person at the check-in desk about our plans. We asked about late checkout (normally 12:00N) and he said "Don't worry about it. Nobody pays close attention to the checkout time." OK, great! Next morning, we made our visit to the museum, stopped and ate lunch, and returned to the CG before 2:00 PM. There was a note taped to the door of the MH to "Please come by the office and pay for another day at $24". I went to the office and found a different person at the desk, who apparently was the manager. I explained that we had told the previous person of our plans and that he had said "OK". She said the previous person had no authority to OK such a plan and we need to pay for another night at the full night's rate of $24. I resisted. She finally agreed to a half-day ($12) since we were leaving and not staying another night. I should mention there were only a half-dozen, or so, other customers in the CG, so available space was not an issue. We absolutely will never return to this CG.
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