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rating [ 3/10 ]
We stayed here on memorial day weekend. We were a bit disappointed with the lack of activities for a holiday weekend. My children had a great time with bike decorating and the bike parade but, that was about it. There was a craft activity (bring your own craft), line dancing (about 4 people), and a saturday evening dance (I think the same 4 people there) - That was it! The pool was a bit cloudy and very cold. The temp is understandable but, cleanliness is inexcusable. We stayed in the 70's section. Water and electric services are not located in normal positions. We had to go to Walmart and purchase a 30 amp extension cord to reach. The circuit blew a number of times if running AC and microwave. The beach and lake were OK to look at but, I would not let my kids swim in it, nor did they want to as it was very mucky. Another complaint is that there is only one bathroom at the pool/pavilion area. It also contains a shower. Plan on a long wait if you gotta go. If you do go here, consider the safari field. It looked MUCH better but, community fire pits only. I don't see us returning here.
rating [ 5/10 ]
We went here last year during the month of April and had a wonderful time. We were less than impressed this year. First off: they lost my prepaid reservation. I had to pay again for the weekend and am in the process of trying to be refunded for the first reservation. This is NOT an easy task. Tried to buy wood from the camp store at 5:20pm only to find the store closed for the night. Playgrounds are in desperate need of updating and repair. The main playground has a tire swing that is a big hit BUT, the tire is torn, the chains holding it are rubber coated and all cracked, and the spinning joint is so rusted that it is fixed in place now. The swingset at the beach was a pile of debris. Bathrooms were broom swept but did have quite a strong odor of urine. On the plus side, there were many activities over the weekend. Kids did have a fun time.
rating [ 2/10 ]
THE GOOD: Easy access from highway. Friendly staff (for the most part). Pool was clean. No golf carts except for staff (probably a very good thing). Trash collection daily from your site. THE BAD: Bathrooms were beyond disgusting (stopped up toilets, vomit, etc). Water at the swimming pond was non-swimable and gross (hard to fault the campground though as no rain this season). Our site was supposed to have water and electric. I needed an extension cord to the site to my left for electric. Needed 2 hoses and a y-adapter to get water from the site to my right. Campground charges for most everything such as use of your A/C. This was not a very "family" friendly place. We took our kids to sing karaoke at the outdoor patio only to find a full service bar loaded with drunks. Also, there was a large amount of what can only be described as a "bad element" (not just normal tattoos, but gang tattoos) residing in many of the rental cabins. This was the only time this year I felt the need to put coolers inside and lock my camper when we were away from it. Many seasonal campers were old and run down. Some had old popups with blue tarps being used as storage sheds. CONCLUSION: I don't see us returning here.
rating [ 8/10 ]
THE GOOD: We stayed in the "south" section. Sites are level, 50 amp service allowed for AC to keep camper cool. Lots of activities for the kids. Water slide is a blast. Tubing on the river is a hit too. Both pools are super clean. Bathrooms and showers very clean (every couple hours). Staff is friendly and helpful. Store is well stocked. Ice cream bar at store. Sunday night entertainer (T-Bone) was a great time. Pet policy bans aggressive breeds. THE BAD: Wish all of the south section had sewer hookup. Needed a pump out over the 4 day stay - $20 charge. Friday night karaoke had the kids bored as the music was a bit dated. After 4 Micheal Jackson songs in a row, they said it was lame and we left before they could sing. CONCLUSION: All around FUN place! We are going again this weekend!
rating [ 7/10 ]
THE GOOD: Large sites available, friendly staff, clean facilities. We camped in the "PW" section. There were two pools and a man made "lagoon" that was also clean and provided a beach-like atmosphere. The seasonal sites on this side were occupied by an older crowd that, for the most part, were very friendly to us weekenders. Seasonals on the other side were a younger and more rowdy crowd, still were friendly. THE BAD: Playground was not within an eye view of any site. Very little activities planned for the Memorial Day weekend; one craft on Sat morning.\, one movie on Sun. Actually, one that was scheduled for Saturday at the lagoon never happened. CONCLUSION: I will return - hopefully more activities.
rating [ 3/10 ]
THE GOOD: It was close to home and has level, large sites. THE BAD: Almost too much to say. Junk and rotting trailers parked at the entrance. A mountain of debris (mostly scrap metal) out front by the office. A group of tents next to us that had a hatchback opened with rap going well into dark. Some seasonal people creating a domestic disturbance at midnight. The children of the "domestic" couple went in my trailer while we went to the beach area. Went through drawers. Not sure if anything was taken but drawer contents were on the floor. Seasonal trailers that should be condemned. Swimming pond was pretty nasty. CONCLUSION: Never again
rating [ 9/10 ]
THE GOOD: Lots of activities for children, extremely clean bathrooms and pool area, friendly staff, well stocked store, friendly seasonal campers, good mix of sun and shade sites with full hookups. Play area is large and fenced in with many sites within visual of it. THE BAD: The play area could use some new equipment. Roads are a bit bumpy for little ones on bikes. CONCLUSION: I already have a couple weekends booked again this year.
rating [ 6/10 ]
THE GOOD: Large campsite, friendly staff, reasonably clean facilities, trash pickup at your site, good mix of sun or shaded sites. THE BAD: Pet policy allows aggressive breeds. There was a pit bull in a site that was 10 feet from the pavilion. I chose a site with a direct visual of the play area (next to pavilion) so my kids could go alone but, the pit bull made that impossible. There was also a Rottweiler a few sites from us that was supposedly friendly but went ballistic at every other dog walking by. We did speak to the owners regarding the pet policy and was told rabies certificate is all that is needed. Play areas: both need updating. There is only one swing seat and one infant seat. The other play area near the office is showing it's age, being splintered. Our children did enjoy the "train" style wagon ride, just remember to bring a dollar as it isn't a free ride. CONCLUSION: I will probably not return due to the pet policy. Aggressive breeds should never be allowed in campgrounds catering to families.
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