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rating [ 1/10 ]
First I should say we TRIED to camp here... We just now called to make a reservation for a pull through spot, with a credit card, for next weekend, and was told that even if we made a reservation she couldn't guarantee a spot we could use would be available. I asked her what exactly would my family we do if we showed up after reserving a spot and it wasn't available? Would we have to park on the shoulder of Hwy 101? What a way to run a reservation system.
rating [ 1/10 ]
We stayed after new managers took over, and were pleased with the new office friendliness, courtesy, professionalism, and a real desire to accommodate. Until this visit. I just couldn't believe what the female manager was telling us: we could only have one card key ($10 deposit) to access the rest room facilities, regardless we were two adults on board. We offered to pay another key deposit and were told to coordinate handing over the card key back and forth if we couldn't go at the same time. What kindergarten insanity is that? When my husband took the card key with him I was left with no choice but to call the office again, where the manager again argued over and over - until I changed tactic, and asked her what she really wanted for the second card key - $20, $50 $100. Then she laughed and said that is a good way to make money. That I could now come to the front office and she would give me one. In addition, this manager did not give us us any paperwork, no map, no Wi-Fi access, and it's not like there were busy as we arrived in a rainstorm, solitary new visitors. Instead of assigning us a generously sized space, in a park half empty, she gave us a space even our small rig couldn't fit into, and her husband (who seems to be a really nice even-keeled person) had to call her to get another space assigned. Yes we are the ones who had left a really glowing review of this park, and now, all we can say is: beware.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We stayed here twice, and great both times. The access road to the campgrounds off 49 is a bit sketchy - WACTH that turnoff - comes up quick, perhaps better signage? Despite a bumpy narrow ride on the way up, it is totally worth it. Lovely facilities, great site, very clean, a bit of a problem with kids and dogs running around your trailer making a racket when you want to sleep in.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Vastly improved, the best value you can get in Marin County. We travel a lot in MH's, TT's, tents, you name it, in the US and all over the world. That being said, I find reviews must take into account the neighborhood, local setting, i.e. city, town, country, the type of park (i.e are they committed by law they must rent to long term residents and their hangers-on, on the grounds as well) etc. We stayed in this Park many years ago and were hesitant to return. We are DELIGHTED with the improvements. We certainly plan on making this Park a regular part of our itinerary. The management has made pro-active changes. They cleaned up the fences adjacent to a wonderful wild-life preserve. There is great bird watching! Their grounds seem more organized and a lot cleaner. I don't know *how* they got certain long term residents with "issues" more under control, cleaned up, and not bothering the visitors, but they have. The security is wonderful. Finally! Cameras 24/7, and public facilities (baths/toilets) closed when they should be closed for the security of all. This park is close to big cities and faces issues not faced by your pretty little park nestled high in the Sierras with an acre of land per picnic table plus 2 deer minimum guaranteed photo ops. Get a grip not a gripe, folks! Do you know what "people" try to get away with these days? There's a price to be paid for location, location, location and the mandatory closing of restrooms at the management's discretion is one of them. They keep this park quiet and clean. Needless to say, the location is fabulous. The air is fresh and clean, so is the water. Close to anything and everything you need.
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