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rating [ 9/10 ]
There is plenty to do -- hiking, boating, bicycling, tour boats -- at Itasca State Park. There is wireless access at the lodge and visitors center. While we were there, there wasn't a mosquito problem we were warned about. Some of the sites are small and would have like more privacy but the trails and bike paths are very well maintained.
rating [ 3/10 ]
It is more of a dump site than a campground. Tarps covered non-running cars, overflowing trash cans, abandoned sites are still cluttered. Watch out for the sites' firepits which are wheel wells sunk into the ground. You could fall or drive into them easily. When signing in at the bar, it helps if you are a smoker because you'll smell like one when you leave. Use for emergency overnighter if you must. It is more suited for out-of-work permanent "campers."
rating [ 8/10 ]
While this park is really made for horseback riders, we hiked the whole park and found it wonderfully diverse.The Best time is in the fall when the colors give the canopy a special glow. The tenting sites seem to always be available and if you can dry camp, that's what I would recommend. You should take the tour of the Mystery Cave while there in spring. The big cave closes in the fall and winter but the small cave tour is fine too.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We loved this park for its private, small camp sites perfect for tenters and small RVs. It is right on the Sakatah Bicycle Trail it also has some bicycling camping areas. It is not really suitable for big rigs as the turnarounds are tight and sites are kind of small. The Rangers and park assistants are very helpful and friendly. The lake after June will probably get very green from the farm fertilizer cooking up the algae. Boaters should try Elysian down State Route 60. It is a big lake and cleaner.
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