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rating [ 8/10 ]
We found Farm Country Campground when we had to evacuate the Outer Banks due to hurricane Arthur. The campground is not very old so it has that "new" feeling. Sites are nicely sized so that you have ample room. There is no shade as the trees were planted when the campground was put in a few years ago. The grass had been bush-hogged but not "mowed" so for us was a bit too tall and pretty much made you feel like you were definitely camping in a field. The sites had no gravel but were almost level. Staff and owners were super nice and always helpful. Pool was nice and had a handicapped lift. Bathrooms, laundry rooms and office area were all very clean. Deadwood theme park is across the road and is a cute distraction for a couple hours. Everybody said the food at the restaurant there was good but we did not eat there. All in all a nice, quiet, family campground out in the middle of "Farm Country"!
rating [ 8/10 ]
We stayed in this campground for 11 nights, which included being there for July 4th. This was our first time in this campground. We read all the reviews previously posted, but still decided to go here. In addition to reading all the reviews, we also drove through this campground in the summer of 2010 knowing we'd be camping there the next year. We stayed in two different sites; a sound front site for 6 nights and a canal front site for the remaining 5 nights. Preferred the sound front sites for several reasons; 1) we could see our kids playing in the sound and 2) less "thru" traffic by other campers' children walking through our site to get to the canal/sound edge. The sunset from either of these two sites was AMAZING! This campground is what I would call more "laid back" in that it is not your concrete pad sites with pristine grass/landscaping. If you are looking for that, then don't stay here. However, if you are looking for a campground with a casual, relaxing feel for your family, then this is it. I know it is popular for windboarders/surfers, but we simply enjoyed floating around in the sound in the mornings before heading out to the beach, which is literally right across the road on Frisco Beach. Upon our initial arrival, we were terribly excited to see that the campground's main roads had been paved since our drive-by visit last year. This was a HUGE improvement as the blowing dust was one of our main concerns. It also made it very nice to walk to the bath house, camp store and pool. Wonderful improvement! Also noted that many of the sites had been freshly sodded this spring. All though the new sod has pretty much turned brown and was shedding quite a bit, I am hopeful that by next year, it will have taken a bit and be more established. Still, this is a very nice improvement to the sites. Bathrooms - I checked that they were clean, BUT they really could use a bit more attention. The showers were not clean enough that I would use them without wearing flip flops. Nuf said, right? We used the bath house by the camp store one time, but again, they were a bit "grungy". I popped into the bath house over on the other side (appears to be a newer facility) and they were much nicer/cleaner, but there were only two showers there instead of four over at the campstore one. Pool was nice and clean. Kids had a blast and I loved that the laundry facilities were attached to the pool so I could catch up on some laundry while watching my kids...great, great feature in my opinion. Loads were $1.75 for each load. We had no issues with the staff...all were curteous and very helpful. Early in our stay there was a very, very large group of young people (late teens/early-mid 20's) staying in the soundfront tent sites. They were basically partying 24/7. They were using language that was completely vulgar and inappropriate while swimming/drinking in the sound during the morning and afternoon hours. My young children heard things I did not want them to be hearing. I had planned on talking to the group the next day but did not have to as they were apparently asked to leave. That night they actually drove a truck INTO THE SOUND and drove around screaming and hollering at 2 a.m. There were also people in the water in the headlights of the truck. It was very dangerous and crazy. Obviously, they were drunk out of their minds. We called the police who arrived in minutes to bring some order to madness. The next morning we found out that several other campers had also called the police. We were pleased that they left. It was a MUCH more enjoyable campground once all that hooplah was gone. I gave this campground an 8/10 simply because of the bathrooms and it's more rural/rustic feel. We love it and are already planning on returning next summer for two weeks.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We stayed for six nights at this campground. Staff was friendly and accommodating. All sites are situated under very tall, established pine trees. Campground was extremely well maintained. Campsites were level with fine gravel and pea gravel made up the rest of each site. I cannot comment on the bathrooms or showers as we did not use them. Pool was not open yet so cannot comment there, nor was the tubing open as the water was very cold. Campground provided fire rings and picnic tables. You may NOT bring your own firewood due to foreign pests. Camp store was pretty sparse and not well stocked at all. It looked to me like they had gone to the travel section of Wal-Mart and bought a dozen of each item and tripled the prices. But, it was early in the season. They had several "money making" machines that seemed to be like magnets to my children...one of which was that moving quarter pushing machine, which my son really could not pull himself away from. Having these kinds of machines are okay, I guess, but I personally felt like it was a bit off taste to have them...nothing like teaching young kids to gamble. Just my opinion though. Also, had a family movie playing every night in the shelter. This was a fun way to spend a couple of the nights...bring your own chair, blanket, snacks and take in a movie. Liked this a lot. We arrived on a Friday knowing the weather was supposed to be torrential rain all day Saturday so we planned accordingly with indoor games, etc. Saturday the weather cleared about 3 p.m. and we ventured out to Wal-Mart for a few things we forgot. Returned two hours later to a bit more rain and then got the news from the campground staff that we were being evacuated as the river was due to crest very high in the next few hours. The staff secured alternate sites that were above the flood stage for those campers that had reservations into the next week - which we were. We got settled into our new site just before midnight and went to sleep. The staff went the extra mile and came camper to camper on Sunday morning to tell everybody that they were making free breakfast for all campers! How nice - I didn't have to cook! When the water receded, we decided to move back to our original site as it had not been flooded and thoroughly enjoyed the remainder of our stay. Our electric jack broke during this second set up on our original site and the staff were very kind to lone us a car jack to use for the remainder of our stay...this was so nice and certainly above what we would have expected. We watched in amazement as all the staff set about cleaning up flood debris, bringing in new stone, leveling out damaged road, etc. By Monday afternoon, it looked like a brand new campground in the areas effected by the flood. It was like watching little elves getting ready for Christmas the way they were all scurrying around working! We finished out our stay and thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope to one day go in warmer weather and check out the pool and then tubing!
rating [ 8/10 ]
We drove through this campground during the 2010 Memorial Day weekend to check it out as for this year. We knew from that visit, how busy it would be this year, so that was not a shock or turn off to us. I do believe the campground was completely full. Tom's Cove has a LOT of perma-campers or permanent seasonal sites but in our opinion they have saved the nicest sites for their overnighters and weekly visitors. These sites are near to the water (Tom's Cove) and with a clear view of the Assateague Lighthouse that comes on every night. Many of these sites are also shaded with very tall pines. All the waterfront sites, all though completely gorgeous, do not have sewer: only water and electric. The view from either of their two fishing piers is beautiful. We even saw a couple of the wild ponies roaming the marshes on Assateague. We enjoyed just sitting on one of the benches and watching the water activities of other vacationers. We do not have a boat so I cannot comment on the boating facilities. Popped into the club house/game room. Pretty standard in my opinion. Checked out the Country Store. Nice amount of food, grocery and RV supplies, plus a lot of fun (albeit some tacky) home decor and novelty gifts. Also had postcards, mail drop, ice, souvenirs and a fun old phone booth inside. This was a novelty to my kids who have grown up with cell phones. Why on earth would one need a phone booth? Staff was friendly and accommodating. There was a bit of a mix-up with the site we had requested (mostly ours as we read the site map section incorrectly) and they found us a superb alternative site. The site we had was nicely shaded and on the end of a row so we had a very nice amount of space. Only draw back is it saw a LOT of traffic. Which would not have been so bad if it weren't for the dust that created. I'd love to see the campground put down some kind of dust control. Not sure if they can use calcium chloride being so near to the water, but something to keep the dust down would be soooo nice. The perma-campers did seem to enjoy just cruising around on their golf carts all day long: entertaining, I guess? (Sorry, but I just don't get that.) Being that it was M-Day, there was quite a bit of partying that went on and all though quiet time is 11 p.m., it carried on past this. Someone put off fireworks at just past 11 p.m. and because we have young children trying to sleep, we did give security a call. Apparently they must have gone by and reminded the campers that it was quiet time as things pretty much quieted down after that. We stayed until Tuesday so by Monday afternoon, the entire area around us had pretty much cleared out and was so quiet. I would imagine if you stayed during any non-holiday week or weekend, the campground would be quiet like this. But again, we knew it would be very, very crowded for M-Day weekend. Campground was clean and well cared for. All though we did not use the bath houses for bathing, we did use it for the toilets now and again. They were a bit dated but on the whole, freshly painted, clean and functional the times that we used them. They were hot inside though so the ventilation was not so great. The campground does not provide fire rings but you can bring your own or most sites have fire spots from previous campers that you can use. I am not sure what the policy is on bringing your own firewood but I did see several campers unloading their own from their trucks/campers. We did not get a chance to visit the pool but it looked nice: smaller in size, but nice none-the-less. Making reservations is a bit outdated. You have to do this all by snail mail. Yes, this lends to the old time feel of the campground but it would be a nice improvement to be able to secure your site online and pay online too. They do not accept credit cards for payment of sites which simply is not convenient to many customers. Again, just remember to bring cash or your checkbook! On M-Day weekend, we even had a visit twice daily from the Mr. Whippy ice cream truck, much to the delight of my children and me! If the truck does not come to the campground during your visit, be sure to visit their place on Maddox Blvd! Their soft serve ice cream is the best! Their Cyclones are a treat! I have been coming to Chincoteague camping and/or vacationing in vacation homes for my entire life (I'm 46 years old) and this campground was exactly what I expected it to be. Chincoteague is a wonderful place to visit; family friendly, great shops, quaint little town and nice restaurants. Some years are worse for mosquitos than others. However, they do spray by truck and also by air when it's really bad. Bring along some bug spray and don't let the mosquitos stop you from enjoying this lovely little spot on the Eastern Shore!
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