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rating [ 8/10 ]
The price reflects a monthly rate. This is a no frills park but does have a great (large) dog park and a nice little playground for the kids. There is also a small pool but we were disappointed to find it already shut down for the year when we arrived. The laundry and bathhouse were both clean and tidy. The sites were a nice size and the roads a good size. We liked the park but found the owners attitude came across as a little on the rude side. Maybe it is just how folks are around here, but they seemed a little "matter of fact" for us. When they rented us the space for a month they told us they would be shutting down for the year and we would have to leave on the 16th. This was no problem for us but I don't like feeling like I am in someone's way. Every time they saw us for the last several days we were here, they made mention of us needing to leave by 9am on the 16th. We would probably stay there again. The park is fine, the owners: maybe they were just having a bad month.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We stayed for 1 month and the daily rate reflects this. This is an awesome park with huge grassy spaces between the sites. All sites are concrete pads - level and clean. While the sites are all back-ins, their layout is such that it is quite easy to drive through to your site making them pull-throughs. The best wireless service we have ever found in a park, and free! The operators were friendly and not always in your business. We attended a potluck dinner while we were there and had a great time. We would definitely stay there again.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We enjoyed our scheduled 1 month stay here so much we extended it to 2 months. Yes, the park is a bit older and a little rough around the edges but the owners are great and the few long term people there were all super nice. The free Wi-Fi was awesome and worked 99% of the time we were there. When it was down our Verizon Hotspot took up the slack. No laundry onsite but there is a decent one in Cave City that we used with no problems. Sites were gravel, and while ours was level, I did notice a few people that had to do some leveling on their rigs. The roads could be a little wider and the entrance was a little scary for me pulling in. Otherwise a nice little park that we will definitely return to if ever back in the area.
rating [ 4/10 ]
We stayed here for a month and the daily price reflects that. Overall park is OK but the attitude of the prison matron that owns the place really overshadows the good features of the park. She really likes a lot of "rules" and spends most of her time patrolling the park on her golf cart looking for violators. Makes you feel like you are in a prison. Pool was nice (don't try to take in a bottle of your own water or you will be busted and chastised) and daily trash pickup at the site was nice. Their "Dog Park" is so small it is practically useless. My dog had more room to play in our rig. The jumping castle for kids was down 95% of the time and if you asked about them putting it up they acted like it was a real pain in the rear. Sites were gravel and fairly level. We were placed in the back end with the long-termers as we stayed a month. Some strange folks there that apparently don't have to follow all the rules. Their huge dogs left deposits all over and they didn't seem to have to follow the "no outside water usage" rule. Interstate noise in the back is pretty bad. A few trees but no real shade to speak of. Machines in the laundry room ($2.50 to wash $1.50 to dry) are old and don't wash or dry very well. If you want Internet you have to pay so we just used our Verizon hotspot, which worked well. This was our first time in the area and while we were there we learned that there are several other choices for parks in the immediate area. Next time we will try one of them. We certainly won't be staying here again.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This was our second stay at Jolly Acres, and this time we stayed a full month. The price reflects the monthly rate we paid. The owners are awesome and will help with just about any situation. Anything from repairs to your rig to needing a place for your 5 yr old's birthday party (as we did), they are cheerfully accommodating, even leaving us to the clubhouse after hours where most would have run us out, I am sure. True, the cell phone reception is spotty as is the wi-fi and TV, but if those are your main concerns, you should stay at home. RVing to me is more about the things you do outside. Campfires, fishing, gathering with old friends and meeting new ones. This park covers those things in spades. When my wife was inside checking out, the owner walked outside to personally tell my son and me goodbye. I don't find that in many parks we frequent. We will visit again when in the South Carolina area.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We stayed here for 16 days in April (was supposed to be a month so the price per day reflects what we actually paid per day for 16 days. Price would have been much less if we had stayed for the full month.) A basic campground with no bath facilities or activities, but it does have spacious, level, gravel lots especially in the back wooded area where we stayed. Price includes cable TV and Wi-Fi which worked well the whole time. The laundry room is a little mouldy, but does have free long distance and a free fax machine to use if you need them. There is bagged ice for $1.00 at the laundry with an honor box which was nice, and unbelievably FREE firewood which we took advantage of for a couple of fires. Try and get lot 213 which we had, I believe it is the biggest lot I have ever seen in a park and right next to the laundry. The owners are friendly and responsive to your needs.
rating [ 3/10 ]
We stayed here in mid March '10. Small, tight spaces, many long term campers with junky sites, high fees and everything (cable TV, Wi-Fi, sewer) is extra. There would be little I could find to say good about this campground. I know through travels that KOAs are usually higher priced than others and this was no exception. What was the exception here was the overall poor condition of the park and the indifferent attitude of most of the employees. I guess so few choices on this side of Macon affords them a little less care in their customer service. The laundry was the only good thing I found here. It was clean and in good condition. I will drive further next time to avoid staying here.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Great park! The $18 per night reflects the weekly rate of $125. Level sites, most pull thrus. Very friendly owners. Larry actually came to our coach 3 times to assist with water heater problems while we were there. There is a nice pond where we caught fish for 2 fish fry's during the week we were there. If I had to search for a negative, and I would have to search, it would be the poor phone reception and slow (but free) internet. Otherwise a top notch park we will visit again.
rating [ 6/10 ]
We were here staying while visited with family. My father in law recommended this park as being a "good one" but I guess the term "good" is subjective. The spaces are narrow and the rigs parked very close together. When we checked in, the owner said something about making many new upgrades and I guess the new, dead sod was one of them but while we were there it rained and turned it all into a soggy mess. They have about a dozen large ducks that might be cute on the lake but roaming around the park doing what ducks do isn't that appealing and is downright nasty. there are a large number of permanent residents here who apparently don't have to abide by the rules on appearance of their RV and it shows. On the good side, the restrooms were clean and good sized and the laundry was very satisfactory as well. The low price reflects a weekly rate. The rate on the website and the one we paid were different (higher) and when we commented on this we were told they "had raised the price but hadn't had time to update their website yet". I notice that it still hasn't been updated as of today.
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