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rating [ 1/10 ]
Don't let the pictures on the website fool you. The park is quite run down. The rock (not gravel, but large rock) road, with huge holes, is almost not passable to just get in. If you have a tow and intend to use it, unhook before you ever turn in; most sites are not very level, and the driveways between sites are grossly unlevel, so a towed car may be at a significant angle (in all 3 axes) once parked. Very tight in a larger coach (38+) with or without a tow. The pond is stagnant, no way I would swim in it. And the trash truck showed up at 5am to dump the dumpster, which is immediately adjacent to the sites on the office side of the pond. We were only stopping for the night, and you might consider it for that reason, but we will not stop here again for any reason.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Wow. We had a ball. Activities abound for all ages all day and evening. There was abundant staff everywhere and genuinely friendly. This place is more resort than campground, but the campsites (especially those that back up to the 9-hole golf course with beautiful bird watching) are as relaxing as they come. The kids pool was fun; the adult pool relaxing and quiet. The kids had a "dance" on Saturday night, complete with pizza. The adult bar, with live DJ (and sometimes live music) was like an old neighborhood bar full of "full-timers" that didn't make us "visitors" feel unwelcome at all. So many little details are managed that make the overall experience very nice. Things like plenty of well manicured healthy grass throughout and trash that would seemingly disappear any time of day you set it out make you realize someone with a hospitality background must be working behind the scenes. Golf carts are available to rent for exploring the campground; golf (and putt-putt) to play; large grassy sites with concrete pads; big shade trees; wildlife (lots of sandhill cranes), two swimming pools; kids playground; dog playground; nightlife with a bar on site. There just isn't anything missing here.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We unfortunately arrived here for a one night stopover the day Pensacola received record-breaking rains of 30 inches or something crazy. The campground was mostly under water! But, they found us two sites side-by-side (we were traveling with others), and we even tried to play miniature golf under water in the rain! We had a ball. This campground is beautiful, pool and golf are nice (or I imagine them to be), wildlife active. The "executive" sites are truly nice with a porch swing, grill, and flower boxes per site. Folks running this place are as nice as they come; complimentary continental breakfast was full of hot toasted bagels, refreshing orange juice, and great conversation. We'll be back to stay more than a night. When it's dry!
rating [ 3/10 ]
We had heard how difficult it was to find vacancy at this campground, and the perception was because it was so nice. Unfortunately, perception did not come close to reality. The majority of this campground is occupied by "full-timers", with many of them leaving for work in the morning and returning from work in the evening. There is very little grass, but lots of white chalky rock that makes up this "parking lot" of a campground. The main plantation house, off limits to campers, is a significant distance from the sites, and is separated from the campsites by a wall. There is a lone swing-set frame rusting in the distance; remnants of another set and some other junk are in a trash pile at the back of the property. There is literally no other infrastructure (except for plumbing/electrical, and a couple of picnic tables). There is a huge field, but not much else for the kids to do. Riding bikes in the rocky campground is not advisable, but the field was mowed and stickers were at a minimum. The small lake had a couple of picnic tables nearby, so perhaps on a cooler day it is not too bad a place to eat or drop a rod in the water. But despite reports online about shady spots or nice fishing spots, there are no shade trees anywhere here...during the summer this is a pretty hot, dusty place with very little to do. Dallas really needs a good campground. If you're stopping just for the night, this is sufficient. If you're staying a few days, find something down the road...it can't be much worse. Also, be warned: access from Barnes Bridge Road should only be from the east. There is a load zoned bridge to the west, as well as very low hanging trees over the road. The trees are getting low to the east as well, but at least no bridge issue. If only some of those trees were shading the campsites.
rating [ 10/10 ]
New, clean campground right on popular Stewart Beach in Galveston. The infinity pool, located one story up from the RV site level, is beautiful, with an awesome waterfall that actually has a small "wading"/sitting area underneath on the RV level. There are a few (six?) of the old hotel rooms still available in the original office building from the old Sandpiper Hotel. These are perfect if you're too crowded in your RV or have visitors. Once Galveston gets the Sewall trolley schedule back to normal (still disrupted due to hurricane), it appears to be relatively easy to catch the trolley near the Sandpiper and take it to the new Pleasure Pier amusement park or The Strand. And if you visited the old Sandpiper as a kid like I did (regularly), it is nice to see the old pelican logo once again greeting folks as the sun rises on Stewart Beach.
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