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rating [ 8/10 ]
Sorry I couldn't rate this higher, but they charged a dinner guest $5 to visit for 3 hours. After I complained, I was refunded the money. It is supposed to be that amount for an overnight guest and $2 for a visitor. Since I travel alone and rates are based on 2 people, I don't think this is fair. Most of the sites are pretty and shaded; the pond is a nice place to fish and the Blue Ridge Parkway is only 50 yards away. Overall it is a good park and I would stay there again.
rating [ 4/10 ]
This campground offers minimal services for a high price. You're really paying for use of things like the swimming pool at the village. Since it is down in the valley, there is very little breeze and it is hot. The water pressure was so high it ruined a couple of fixtures on my trailer. There is hardly any shade, except for a couple of places. The river level changes and it is icy cold, so not a good place to play. That said, I caught a couple of nice trout there. There is wifi at the lodge, but that's the only place. I would not stay there again.
rating [ 9/10 ]
My stay here was thoroughly enjoyable thanks to the family who runs it, the cool, shady sites and the pancake breakfast on the porch on weekends. I also enjoyed the porch for using my computer and playing with little Jonathon. The roads are steep (it is in the mountains). It's a bit of a walk from the sites to the facilities and the gravel was hard to ride my scooter on. Overall, I like Black Forest very much and would stay there again, except longer!
rating [ 7/10 ]
I've long believed that for the most part, you get what you pay for. Jetty Park is a good value if you believe you get what you pay for. The rate is very reasonable partly because there are few amenities (no pool, internet access, cable TV). It's in a great location. The pier, nice sandy beach, restaurants and seafood market are all close by. The laundry facilities were just fine. The people running the place are very friendly and helpful. At the pier I saw lots of sea turtles one day. It was so cold when I was here I'm sure the manatees headed south or somewhere for warmer water if they could find it. I would stay here again. A good value.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This place is beautiful! I was initially struck by all of the trees, shrubs, flowers & neatness of Boyd's. The first impression was good and so was the stay, once I found it. Signage leading in is very poor. The sites are very close together, making parking a challenge. There are shrubs between sites to give some privacy & sense of space. Having my own motor scooter made getting around fun & practical both in the park & in town. The bath house I frequented was always very clean and had plenty of hot water. If I go to Key West again I would most likely stay at Boyd's again.
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