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rating [ 10/10 ]
Love this place though we loved it even more before they raised the site fee from $16/night to $28/night at the beginning of this year. Still, a great place for trees and lake access and we will continue to come back.
rating [ 3/10 ]
Everything one might expect from a commercial campground: rough road within the park, sites too close together, rude employees, little or no shade, spotty WiFi coverage, overpriced general store (though in fairness, was well stocked). We had a good sized rally, so for us, quiet time not starting until midnight was a plus. All hook ups worked fine. No pool but there was easy access to the Guadalupe River. They offered a free concert in their "barn" after dark. However, I'd have preferred watching TV in my air conditioned trailer, to standing in 100° heat for loud music. No cable TV is a huge minus since reception in this area is poor. The broadcast channels we could receive included CBS, NOAA weather, and Country Music videos. The majority were religious and Spanish-speaking stations. Good thing we brought our DVD's. I also didn't much appreciate their slapping a hard-to-remove sticker to the outside of my windshield upon check in. Took me 10 minutes with a razor blade and solvent to get it off when we got home. We came here for a special family event and it's likely we'll never return to this place.
rating [ 8/10 ]
I've been wanting to visit this park since '03 and finally got my chance. Yes, it is a great park with spectacular views of the landscape, wildlife, and night sky. Lot's to do in the area besides. But as another reviewer mentioned, the campground itself is not the star of this show. First, the shaded partial hookup sites are small as was the cul de sac for which to turn around. Although the park office lady insisted we'd fit in site 29, we'd have literally had to back our 53 feet of trailer and tow vehicle into the loop just to do so. There simply was no room to maneuver within the loop. We ended up in site 55 in open sunlight with overhead power lines cutting across the campground. But the best part here is that each site in this area features a fire pit and covered picnic table on the OPPOSITE side of your rig. Every time we stepped out of our trailer, there were our neighbors staring at us from their picnic table. Can you say 'no privacy'? Their fire pit was 12' from our trailer. Had they decided to build a fire, I might have considered retracting my awning. Oh and there's more. On the morning of our departure, our drive to the dump station (the only one in the park) ended with the drain on the opposite side of our trailer. Since our hose wasn't long enough, we had to drive to the park office turn around and come back to dump. We then had to drive the wrong way through the full hookup loop to exit. I'm giving the Fort Davis area and the park itself a 10, but the campground gets a generous 6. That averages to 8.
rating [ 10/10 ]
One of our favorite places to boon-dock. Primitive and natural. No hookups means no crowds. Plenty of solitude and sand dollars on the beach. The sounds of the ocean will lull you to sleep. Stargazing is good though we did notice some light pollution from Corpus Christi. Sand isn't too bad and what does come inside can easily be swept or vacuumed out. Yes, there's salt spray, but that's to be expected. Ghost crabs like to crawl into things, so don't leave your shoes outside.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Nice park, but I'm giving it a 7 because the girl at the HQ who assigned our site put us in Prairie Branch loop. Fine for tent trailers and short motorhomes, but much too tight an area for my 55' combo. I managed to get into #132, but when we departed, I had to literally back out of the loop to leave. Quite nerve-racking.
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