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rating [ 3/10 ]
I was hoping for better. Price reflects Passport America. When I first called their national reservation line I was told that they no longer take Passport America. I checked with Passport America because it's still showing on line. I called back and the second person accepted Passport America. We stayed a couple of days, went to the Grand Canyon and came back for one night. When I made the reservation for the second stay I was told by an employee that you can only stay once - no second reservation. I later checked with another employee that allowed me to make reservations for the second stay. Parking spaces are close. Your close enough to your neighbor that when you put your awning out and set under it you are less than 3 foot away from your neighbors sewer connection, sometimes aromatic if they don't use the right hose connection. No one patrols, so not much attention paid to the ‘rules’ you agree to and sign for when checking in. We had fireworks (just a couple), parties on Saturday night that lasted until 3AM, people building fires in portable fire pits. Just across from us one 5th wheeler had 3 cars of 'friends' show up after dark for the party and stayed all night. One of the rules is to use pads under jacks when you level, but we saw many not using them. Dogs not on leash and owners not cleaning up. All asphalt, plenty of pull trough’s as long as people don’t park in the streets, almost level sites or at least most are close. Internet is a slow trickle. If your familiar with the term I measured .4mbps down and half of that for upload. Almost enough to answer emails if your patient. Close walk to downtown and the tourist attractions. Close walk to grocery store and other services. Again, I was really hoping for better - based on the price. It is a nice clean newer park, but without rules and regulations being adhered to I just don't think I would stay here again.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Camped at the end of season. Absolutely great place. Pine trees, beautiful dry Arizona weather, cool nights and warm days. If your idea of the perfect place to camp is someplace up in the mountains with the smell of pine trees and very quiet - this is it. Clean, well maintained, a few pull through sites available. Most sites you will need to level.
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