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rating [ 5/10 ]
Close to Route 1, so plenty of noise. Very hilly. The RV bottomed out while getting to the site. The site was just wide and long enough for my RV and toad. Had a heck of a time getting the rig level. Staff was friendly. I'd stay here again for an overnighter, but that's probably about it.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is a really great state park, off the beaten path, clean, not crowded. Had the biggest pool I've seen in my life. For all it had at $23 a night, I was scratching my head over why I ever pay top dollar for some of the private campgrounds I've visited. Will go back!
rating [ 3/10 ]
We had high hopes of a relaxing weekend, however this campground was very crowded, I assume, due to the July 4th holiday weekend. The campground was clean and looked well maintained, but I felt the sites were a little small. The pools were pretty nice, and there was a pool that was hardly used because it was for adults only. Granted it is nice to have a pool for adults only, but being that the other pool was very crowded at times, it would have been nice to overflow into the adult only pool. There were too many golfcarts being driven at all hours, by people of various ages and states of sobriety. I was disappointed to see adults driving golf carts with beer in their hands with children in their arms. It was very annoying to hear golf carts for most of the day and night. We had an empty site next to us, and I guess people thought it was okay to drive through it, as if it were a road, not being very mindful of our small children. I enjoy music, but I don't care to listen to other campers' stereos late into the evening. I didn't like that there were so many permanant trailers, and we were right next to them, along a busy throughway. Perhaps if we had camped in the rear part of the campground I would have a different opinion. We were so concerned about other campers lack of consideration for the safety of small children, as well as all of the traffic, that we left a day early. I seriously doubt we will ever go back.
rating [ 1/10 ]
I just spent two weeks on the road in the RV. Spent about 5 days at this place. It's one of the few places I can definitely say I won't visit again. The positives first. This place is immaculate. You could eat off the ground. They mow the grass constantly, you never see any trash, and the campground store actually has a little bit of everything. The store was big, as far as campground stores go. They had about any RV part you'd need. It was like a mini-Camping World. As far as a neat, clean campground, I've never seen anything better. The negatives. The staff was rude and pompous. When my wife was registering she had a long wait due to an older man in front of her that had a hard time hearing. My wife politely waited and was shocked when the lady behind the counter told her (right with this guy standing there): "I'll help you if this guy will ever decide to hear anything I'm telling him." Another customer asked about who lived in a nearby house, saying he lived in the area years ago and thought he knew them. When he mentioned the name and she said that wasn't who lived there, he asked if she was sure. She replied, "Look, no one you know ever lived in that house." Strike one. This place is literally on the highway. The traffic rolls by steadily until the wee hours of the morning. Every night was a struggle trying to get the kids to sleep and my wife and I had fitful nights at best. I tried to trick myself by comparing the noise to ocean waves. This worked until you heard jake brakes or sirens, which was about every 10 minutes. Strike two. The sites were the smallest I'd ever seen. I couldn't even open my awning the whole week. Had I done so, it would have been touching the silde on the MH next to me. I went to the office on the second day and inquired about moving to a more spacious site. The guy became defensive and wanted to know what was wrong with the site I was in. When I said I just wanted some space to open the awning and have some space for the kids to play, he rolled his eyes and pulled out his reservation book like it was some effort to do so. He said I could move, but he'd have to move me again the next day since he was booked and people made their reservations a year out, etc. He spent the rest of that day scowling in my direction whenever I saw him. As some sort of consolation a few days later, he told me to feel free to hang out in the area behind the camper. The site I wanted remained unoccupied until the last day we were here. Surely they could have accommodated my request considering I was paying $33 a night for almost a week. Strike three. I'll never go back, just because of the attitude of the employees. I guess it's okay if you need to stop in a safe place overnight, but that's about it. Really not a lot for kids: a few playgrounds. I never saw anyone in the pool during the 5 days. I noticed they had more rules about that pool than you could shake a stick at: no kids allowed that weren't potti-trained, even if they had swimming diapers on. Hard to believe that certain campground directories gave this campground their highest marks.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Overall a pretty decent park. The saving grace of this place is the "work campers," older folks that are retired, working at the campground. They were very friendly, helpful, and seemed to go the extra mile to help out guests. Also liked that they had a night watchman. Employees picked up trash at your sight each morning. I've never seen that before! Campground is neat and clean. Lots of activities for children. The only drawback was the site was not very level. I would've been okay in a trailer with a tongue jack, but in a motorhome it was a little more difficult. I'd camp here again if in the area.
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