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rating [ 7/10 ]
Would have given this campground a ten except that the highway traffic and the campground traffic in relation to our site was a little rough, and loud. The campground is spotless, the pool is spotless. The maintenance man is in need of a radar gun. He accuracy with the obeyed 8 mile and hour speed limit was slightly miss calculated. The man with the weed wackier comes around to trim grass all over your camper, and belongings. Its not like your staying for the season, and the grass is so long. Make sure you carry the dog waste bags at all times due to spot checks. Its amazing how profiling is used here. Ranger Rick is not happy and on duty at all times. Its a good thing we plan most of our activities at nearby attractions. It saved us a lot of conflict with the profiling issue. Must I remind the camp staff that people are paying you for this vacation and don't appreciate being policed over doggy bags, and driving under the speed limit. Ooh yea, where is the cable TV? That's right, there isn't any!
rating [ 4/10 ]
Lets start from the beginning first I contacted the campground on 6/22/07 inquiring if any sites were available? Lucky us there was a site, so we placed the deposit on our credit card. Let me reiterate credit card again. Upon arrival we were informed that the manager over rode our reservation, and gave the site away. During the forty five minute mayhem in the office the manager conveyed to the clerk over the phone that they do not guarantee sites. Did I mention that we used a credit card to reserve the site. Well, as luck has it and a test of patience they found a site for us, forty-five minute check in. The truth is after two nights we determined that there is nothing to do, unless you just want to swim. Excellent pool, but no one under 18 without an adult. Your 16 year old is out of luck. No one allowed in the game room under 12 without a parent. Your 16 year old cannot take your 8 year old in there. The two adult staff people not the manager mind you were very nice, and helpful. The manager is too young for the responsibility of running that campground, and the owners were no where to be found. This campground is boring!
rating [ 10/10 ]
This campground is perfect. It is spotless, and maintainence is always working. The pool was heated, and open it was wonderful. The entire park is paved, the sites are paved, with concrete patios, and patio furniture, plus a fire ring and a fireplace, its quiet, incredible. Staff was very helpful, and friendly. Would highly recommend this campground, and it is close to everything. Awesome!
rating [ 1/10 ]
This place needs help. You would think that the way this industry is today, with so many campers, they would clear out the seasonal slum. My two sons were petrified because while riding their bikes they heard gun shots. My husband and I took a walk toward the seasonal slum sites and sure enough they were not kidding. Someone was firing off rounds. This was scary since we just witnessed all the students from Virginia Tech. traveling home. The office staff was pretty scary similar to the movie Motel Hell. We were so exhausted after driving 12 hours, that we ended up staying in, doors locked, exterior lights on. We took an am exit. We couldn't even complain to anyone about this because the office closed at six and was permanently closed all day Thursday. We left without getting our money refunded, but still didn't care. Avoid this place at all costs. You would be better off and safer at a truck stop.
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