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rating [ 9/10 ]
This park is located right off the interstate about 10 miles east of Asheville, NC. It's close to a variety of services like gas, grocery store, and a diner. The park is very clean and is located on the premises of a camper dealer. There is a shop to purchase many of the items needed for the RV owner and a service center if you don't want to fix it yourself. Large grassy field and trees make it inviting for all, including pets. The owner is not a real friendly person, though not rude like the owner at Grandma's RV Campground in Shepherdsville, KY. (See my review on this one if you are even thinking of a trip to Louisville, KY.) But, the owner does warm up if you go out of your way to socialize with him. This park is a little higher than Tap's RV Park about 5 miles west of this one but makes up for it with a better looking and more open campground. Wireless internet is available but during my stay was somewhat spotty due to equipment failure. You won't be disappointed by choosing this location. Yes, I would stay here again.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Park is located north of Statesville, NC. This park has easy access to interstate, though only limited services at this exit. The park has been designed in a field, so the roads and spaces are not paved. Plenty of room to maneuver and park with pull thru and back in spaces available. Owner was very hospitable and helpful. One drawback, though, was a weekly "convention" or "rodeo" that also took place. Normally you wouldn't expect to be bothered with this as the area used by these groups was 500 to 700 yards away. However, sound does travel, especially when the groups are loud. Even with this mild distraction (more for my wife than for me) I would readily stay there again. This was the second time I stayed at this site in a span of 4 months.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Park is right off interstate and close to East Asheville. Owner keeps this park clean. Spaces are tight, though, with little additional parking available. Many of the spaces had a small fence and a tree which made it feel very cozy. Very clean restrooms and showers. Good wireless internet connection maintained. Though a train does pass behind the park I didn't notice a large increase in noise. I would stay here again.
rating [ 3/10 ]
This campground is located conveniently south of Louisville, KY (15-20 mins). The sites are pea gravel and clean. That is where the good parts of the campground end. Wireless internet is spotty. I requested the clerk to check the connection and was told not to call about it, as there was nothing they could do about the service. No one is at the office until about 6pm, and they're there for about 4+ hours. The park has guidelines (posted all over the inside of the park) not to allow any dogs to urinate on the bushes, a somewhat understandable request. I made the mistake, though, of walking my dog across the street and forgetting to bring a bag with me for cleanup. The owner caught me going back to my space to get a bag for cleanup and, believe it or not, cussed me out and threatened to kick me out of his park without reimbursement of any paid money. After the name calling I received from him I tried to explain but was told he didn't care and for me to get my f@#$ing a@# back to my space. After cleaning the mess up I walked to the office to let him know - as a courtesy. He yelled at me, threatened to kick me out, cussed me out, and told me to go back to my space before he throws me out. This man does NOT care about kindness, courtesy, or business. I have never written a review about a campground before ... I will begin with this one! I promise to write accurate reviews that you can trust (good and bad). PLEASE, DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I MADE ... DON'T STAY AT THIS PARK. There are other ones ...
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