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rating [ 10/10 ]
This is a a great new facility. We stayed 2 nights and spent the day at Michigan Adventure. These guys are very meticulous at least for the time being. Every site is cleaned after each departure, and if you don't like the sound of leaf blowers at 8:30AM, stay away from the pool sites. Great fun for the kids with a very active play area with lots of kids, yet plenty of quiet areas if you don't want to hear kids all day. Pool area is very clean and strictly enforced for no kids without someone over 16 with them. They also are quick to boot the kids at 9PM for the last 2 hours. Trash is picked up anytime between the hours of 8:00AM ad 6PM, and they also deliver wood to your sites. I did notice some recent flooding of areas to the east of the pool area, but they were working on this. And it looks like it was only a matter of hours not days. Expect this place to become quite popular, so enjoy it while it is still quiet and private.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This was a great facility, very clean and well managed. Bath and shower facilities were state of the art. Trash pickup was done promptly in the morning. No kids in the pool after 10PM and they are asked to leave right at 10PM. Adults were asked to leave promptly at 11PM. No camp fires after 1:00AM and they checked! 8x8 tent's are allowed on the pad with your RV. The main office had plenty of supplies including propane at competitive prices. Be careful where you leave chairs or bikes as the lawns are watered by sprinklers. Sewer, water, and power connections were all top notch. This is a extremely well managed facility, we will return again next year.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is a great favorite. Always very clean, very spacious sites, always great neighbors, very quite after hours. There are a lot of great things to do in Holland, plus you have the state park beach Holland, and Tunnel Beach just 1 mile down the road, and Lake Macatawa across the street.
rating [ 4/10 ]
This was supposed to be base camp for Michigan Adventure, but we spent the whole day at Michigan Adventure because no one wanted to come back. Can you say Ouch? I think they sell mosquito’s here, and they are worse during the day. We had to spray each other in the sun while setting up. 5 minutes after setup the largest attack of black ants hit us that went right up the power line to the fridge. That probably comes from all of time full time trailers there all year. I can just imaging what’s living in some of them, yuck! Most of the North end of the campground was underwater, as well as the parking lot to the put-put course. Could not get the WI-FI to work and no managers that understood anything about it, they claimed it just must be me. Funny, 28 years in the networking business. We drove in to Grand Haven and immediately got on the Starbucks and the City network. I had to borrow an extra 15 ft of 30 amp cable, my 25 ft wasn't even close, nor my 25ft water hose. We decided to go down the road for the night at our old favorite Holland State Park just for Mosquito evaluation, just like always hardly a bite, no trains that rattle your Travel Trailer, no Semi Trucks and police and ambulances. It may have been great in its day but not anywhere in the same league as the western Michigan State parks and almost twice as expensive. I think maybe Yogi has been stealing one to many picnic baskets, and saving nothing for Boo Boo. (800) 828-1453
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