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rating [ 9/10 ]
Probably my only complaint about the park is that some of the sites are extremely difficult to back into. We were lucky that the campers across from our site were there to move their vehicle so that I could back in; I'm pretty experienced at driving my trailer around, so that was fortunate; I managed to get it in fairly easy. I imagine a longer trailer would have been impossible to maneuver into place. Other than that, my family loves this place. There are a ton of activities for the girls (they are teenagers 17 and 15) and we enjoy the bingo and hypnosis shows. The staff is friendly, the store is well-stocked, and they have a pretty good handle on the rowdies. It is an expensive place to go, but to be honest, with the number of activities and amenities they provide, there is little room for complaint. The snack bar and ice cream stand is well stocked and although the service can be slow (a lot of teenage workers), it is worth the wait. We are thinking of purchasing either a co-op site, or getting a seasonal for next year.
rating [ 5/10 ]
First of all, if you want a fire, forget it. You have to rent a propane "fireplace" because there is an ordinance against open fires; we were not told this when we checked in. The site we were given was terrible; it was all sandy with twigs and leaves on the site; it didn't look like the site had been cleaned in a while. We had our dog with us and the people across from us had a little yippy dog and a daughter that found great amusement in walking her little yippy dog back and forth to get our dog all cranked up. There is not a lot to do activity wise on the campground and where we were put was quite a hike to the lake. Overall we were not happy with our experience and would not stay here again.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is by far one of the cleanest parks we've ever stayed in. The staff and owners obviously take great pride in providing a good experience to their guests. My only complaint is the pricing structure. The nightly rate is for two adults only, children are extra, which I find bizarre. The only thing I can think of is they are trying to placate their many seasonals by trying to exclude children. Other than that, and some hilly sites, we've enjoyed our visits there. The lake is beautiful and we visited on the 25th anniversary, where they had a DJ on the beach by the lake. The kids really enjoyed it.
rating [ 1/10 ]
This place was kind of a dump. The sites were spacious, but little or no attention was paid to upkeep of the facilities. The bathrooms were filthy and my wife had to go to the office to tell them so. The "playground" was a lawsuit waiting to happen. Broken boards, nails sticking out, pipes sticking out of the ground, unbelievable. The pool water was actually clean, but there were bugs and debris floating on top. We drove into town to use the community pool. Also, the rocks surrounding the pool that were set in some type of plaster mastic were breaking off, exposing sharp edges. It is obvious the owners take no interest in the facility, which was 1/2 empty despite being 4th of July weekend. It is a shame because it is very convenient to Hershey Park (about 8 miles or so). If there were maintenance people around I didn't see them. Wouldn't even think of going back there!!!!
rating [ 3/10 ]
This used to be a nice little campground. Apparently has new ownership that takes little or no interest in the facility. Very poorly maintained, store didn't open on Friday morning until after 11am, grass hadn't been cut in some time, sink that was broken last summer is still broken. Very disappointed.
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