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rating [ 8/10 ]
This park has alot to offer, from its waterpark to the ocean front sites its well worth the money. We were on A lane which was W/S, yet provided a large site. The only drawback to the site was it was relatively shadeless. The campground has a CG store inside the park which was about as well stocked as any I have come across, they even sell beer and wine, and the prices where not bad at all. The park has bar behind the waterpark which was a first I have seen. Also at the entrance to the park was a large store/arcade and an ice cream shop. The waterpark itself was nice and clean, however only offers 3 slides, a lazy river, and a childrens area. We have no kids so it only entertained us for a short period of time, but its included in the price. The employees of the park are nice and helpful. Very close to Ocean City, MD and the beaches. Only drawback to the campground is the traffic coming and going can be unnerving. (Watch small children carefully) Also very difficult to get reservations, we wanted to go back next year and where unable to get a reservation at this time.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This park is really nice, well laid out with plenty of scenery. There are several walking trails that where nice and a pond for fishing. The sites are level and most appeared to offer plenty off room. There is a camp store with most of the basics. The blue trail with the lighthouse at the end offered awesome views of the Chesapeake where it meets with the elk river. The town of Northeast is a small little Main St. town with a bunch of antique shops and restaurants. There is only a couple of down falls; The fire rings are positioned so close to the sites that we had to put our awning in to enjoy the fire also the park is so large that you need to drive most places or ride a bike which can be difficult due to the steep inclines. We would definitely camp here again.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This campground is very well laid out. We where is the E section which are pull through sites, however offer very little shade. The pool area was nice and very clean, the playground although not used appear up to date and maintained. There are several seasonals within the campground however all that we meet where very nice and helpful. Campground is close to the Sweetwater casino (which is not a casino) on the Mullica river. And also close to the shops in Smithville, which is a great little group of antique and small stores. The staff at the campground where VERY helpful and one gentleman even stop to help me when my awning disconnected from the camper. Overall a nice campground, Will definitely be back
rating [ 8/10 ]
This campground is very nice. The grounds seemed to be well maintained. The staff was always helpful while checking in. They have a great rally field where you can group camp in a large field and it has sewer connections also. They had a huge bonfire one night which was definitely fun. I am not so positive about the rate. I will be back.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We camp here every year off season. Because of that the campground usually has nothing going on, the park is empty and the waterpark is still closed. However we go there for these very reasons. We camp with a large group, and the staff there lets us do just that have a good time with our group. It looked as if they where getting ready for the season because they where cleaning up parts of the park over the weekend. I am sure this place is fun in the summer. The camp store has next to nothing, but there is a liquor store directly outside the gates and a wawa down the street. We will be back as always
rating [ 6/10 ]
While overall this campground is very nice and well maintained, their management leaves a little to be desired. The campground staff seems to enforce only the rules it feels like and only to certain campers. We camped here with several other people, and even though all of our guest did register and pay the guest fees, the staff there made us feel like we where trying to cheat them out of something. Most of the campers are seasonals, and those we met where very nice, however a couple of them thought they were security, and felt the need to voice their opinions to you as you drove by. I gave this campground a 6 because it is really clean and they work hard at keeping it that way. Also they have a lot of activities for the kids. The downside of that is that the staff is just plain ignorant and not helpful at all. With so many other campground in the area I probably wont be back
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