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rating [ 10/10 ]
If you own a large Class A motorhome, love beautiful surroundings, a great staff, and ideal amenities, this is the park for you. This was our sixth visit, I believe, and each experience has been ideal. The website is lovely and accurate, but you must experience the resort itself to see how superior it is to similar offerings in Gulf Shores and beyond. Book it and enjoy!
rating [ 5/10 ]
Usually, we feel we can count on the Yogi organization to provide a good experience. This park is close enough to Chicago to be useful, but has many, many full-time families in trailers, with very uneven maintenance of sites and facilities. The staff is also uneven in their friendliness and helpfulness, but the good ones try really hard. While we were here, there was an election for the Homeowners Board, and new pool umbrellas replaced the broken, unsightly ones overnight. Many owners really outdo themselves to create a lovely atmosphere with extensive landscaping, but the almost abandoned sites, or HUGE extended families living on other sites make it difficult to feel secure and safe in this environment when traveling with a family. We will not be staying here again.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is our second visit to this marvelous resort. Please see my earlier review from April 2010. The second visit confirmed our first impressions, and we are considering a site purchase. The resort is a country club-like setting, with an attentive, helpful staff and superb attention to detail. You owe yourself a visit if you meet the Class A size and motorhome age restrictions. Owners and visitors alike are friendly and welcoming. After seeing the various offerings in the area, this is far and away our top destination. Enjoy!
rating [ 10/10 ]
What a beautifully landscaped, architecturally attractive luxury resort with all the amenities present or planned that we could desire. The staff was outstanding from our first phone call to the final day of our stay. Lovely pool and hot tub, country club-like clubhouse, outdoor kitchen and fire pit, and big screen TV with Wii available along with a superb fitness center. Can't say enough about how welcoming and helpful every staff member has been. We may invest here.
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