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rating [ 10/10 ]
WOW!! What can I say about the Grizzly RV Park? I could go on for hours about how great the park is, but I'll keep it brief. This is by far the best, and now favorite, park I have ever stayed in. The park is clean and the staff are more than polite, they are down right wonderful. The park is only about 4 blocks from the west entrance to Yellowstone National Park. I set up my bus tour of Yellowstone park right in the Grizzly park's office, they even set me up with a dog walker/sitter while I was in the park. Wonderful! Now that I'm retired, I'm going to check into see how I can volunteer in the park. I love this place and can't say enough about it.
rating [ 8/10 ]
I stayed here two nights directly after I bought my new 5th wheel. The staff was very polite and helpful. I even had a ground guide to the RV site. The park is right in the heart of Bandon and only a few blocks from the beach area. I would stay here again and recommend this park.
rating [ 8/10 ]
I stayed here for 3 nights. The park is large and has plenty of space between sites. It has A LOT of trees, so bring a portable satellite dish if you have one. It has a nice view of the Santa Ana River. The staff were very friendly and helpful. I asked to change sites due to the satellite signal, and they set me up very quickly. I would recommend this park if you are in Southern California. I will stay here again when in the area.
rating [ 8/10 ]
I stayed here for 4 nights. It was during spring break so it was crowded. The park was clean and the staff were polite and more than accommodating. The spaces were nice with trees and tables. The restrooms and showers were clean the the grounds crew were constantly keeping busy keeping the park clean and presentable. The park is only a mile or so from Disneyland, and the nightly fireworks display is spectacular. I would recommend this park and will stay here again when in Orange County.
rating [ 9/10 ]
I would definitely recommend this park to anyone! Has very clean restrooms and showers. Also has a nice little office/computer/community room available to travelers. The owners/hosts are very polite and appreciative of your patronage, and they are extremely helpful. The park is wooded with plenty of room to walk your pets or to just stroll. I have stayed here several times and plan to stay again on my way through Oregon.
rating [ 2/10 ]
I stayed here in March 2010, as well as other times. The park's only redeeming feature is the ocean front spaces. The restrooms are "filthy" and the park is a "parking lot". There is constant resident traffic through the park, which by the way, is a public beach. The staff is indifferent to your patronage and dresses like a beach bum, dirty holey T-shirt and worn out jeans. I had someone light a fire very close to my 5th wheel and the smoke was going into my trailer. I called the office and the response was, "What do you want me to do about it?" It seems once they get your cash... "leave me alone!" Doubt I will stay again even though I and my dogs love the beach.
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