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rating [ 10/10 ]
Loved it! Beautiful campground. Will definitely try this week to get reservations for next year. I'm pretty positive that once more people find out that this place has reopened and "revamped" it will be hard to get reservations. We were in the "gated" area with our own pool, bath-house and laundry room. Loved the Bay view and occasional sitings of wild ponies on Assateague Island. This campground has it's own beach and dog beach. I have two labs and they loved the water. Staff was very pleasant and helpful.
rating [ 1/10 ]
Terrible! Don't waste your money! Just got back from a week at this place. The minute I checked in I didn't like it. The main reason: the female owner was very rude, not only to her customers but to her employees. Belittled them in front of me and friends my family was camping with. I was embarrassed for them. Our reservations were made 5 months ahead of time and when our friends and us checked in with 40 and 42 foot RVs, the sites were not big enough. A nice employee was helping us, but was having trouble moving us. Then "she" took over and after running her rude mouth said we were "lucky" to get sites across from each other. Imagine that? She banned the younger kids from the store/office because my 10 year old and 2 other young girls went to the store to buy ice. There is a bell on the counter to ring for service. Now, Ms Rude is not the only one in the store and she was speaking with someone while other employees were walking around. My daughter rang the bell, nobody came so she rang it again. This rude boss lady yelled at my daughter: "Don't you see me talking to someone? I'll be with you when I'm done!" Well, let me tell you, my daughter certainly wasn't waiting for her to wait on her, but the others that were doing nothing didn't help her either. To a 10 year old, you ring the bell until someone comes to help you. I went to speak with this rude lady. She, of course, denied being rude to the kids. I told her I didn't believe her as I'd seen her in action the day we checked in. Quiet time in this campground is 11pm. Our kids were at the playground and one night at 10:10pm, she yelled at them that they were too loud and had to go back to their campsites. What's up with that? Also, if you've ever camped here, you will notice that the wagon they use for the hayride is the same one they use to collect trash. Yuck!!! So here's the real kicker: today while packing up to leave, my daughter and husband filled out the survey that is left the night before at your site. As you can imagine, it was not very positive. My daughter brought it to the office and my dog followed her unleashed. Yes, I realize he needed to be leashed, my fault no question. Well, because the survey was not very nice, this rude boss lady has a male drive her to my site in her little golf cart yelling and screaming about my dog being unleashed (with survey in hand). Very unprofessional. Now realize, my dog is now in my camper and has been. A camper in the site next to me told me he had told her that the dog was already back at the site. She told me she was calling the police because my dog was unleashed. Do you believe it! Well 2 police officers came AND the animal control officer. This woman is nuts! What a waste of their time. She basically called them because she was not happy with what we had to say about HER!!! It's all true. If you search this campground, you will find many negative reviews about it and many where this woman has threatened to call the police. I will say that the police were very nice to us and we asked them to stay until we finished packing up and to go into the office as to get our $10 deposit for the gate key without aggravation. Of course, she had something to say, but in the end I'm sure she wasn't happy when the police officer shook my husband's hand! Do not go to this campground! Also, haven’t been to the sister campground to this one. I won’t be going there either. There is a good campground a few miles away. Been there before and will be camping there next year!
rating [ 9/10 ]
KOA campground. Could use more 50 amp service, but overall nice campground. Nice restaurant and camp store. Ice cream store on site. Nice family campground. Small amusement park on site as well.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Nice campground. Close to Hershey Park w/shuttle. Plenty for family to do.
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