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rating [ 8/10 ]
We camped here while on a job that lasted a couple months. The campground is perfect if you want a scenic place to park and not a lot around you. It is located within a reasonable distance from major cities that can meet all your needs. Its just a peaceful place to park a while and enjoy nature. It is located high upon a mountain so kind of hard to pull in big rigs, but our 36' fifth wheel fit just fine. Enjoyed the stay.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This park is located on the beautiful Fort Gibson Lake. The lake and Fort Gibson Dam are wonderful sites to see. The campground is very large, and has a swimming area marked off in the lake and several play things for young kids. There are two different sides that are separated by the marina, where you can park or rent a boat or jet ski. One side has campsites for camper traitors and/or tents with several bath houses, play yards, picnic areas and even a tennis court. The other is more peaceful and is for fifth wheels or campers, and also has a bath house and small play ground. The staff was friendly and we had a wonderful time. The grounds are somewhat un-kept, its not trashy but could be mowed more often. It's a great place to spend time on the lake, or have a family summer reunions under the pavilions. Would recommend this to anyone staying around Muskogee.
rating [ 3/10 ]
We stayed here for a month and decided to move because the campground compared to price was not worth it. They didn't up keep the grounds, although they mowed, it was set on a high level so the grass was still high and they didn't weed-eat at all. The site we stayed at didn't have shade, and it seemed like the only ones that did were ones that didn't have sewer hook up, so they were for over nighters only. They had a pool so there were kids everywhere, and they open it to the public so there were always people around feel unsafe and very noisy. It would be a good place to stop in over night, but I would not recommend it to weekly or long term. There are people that live there constantly, but they are more in the back of the property so you don't notice the large amount of outdoor clutter unless you go walking. They say they have Wi-Fi but I could never connect and we were right by the office. The only way to insure a connection is by going inside and they closed the doors at 5pm, so no late night surfing. I noticed the owner walking around helping others with their campers, which was nice, but never had contact with him other than paying rent. We found another location that was more peaceful, and up kept so we moved. This place is okay for short term and great if you have kids, but if your looking to relax and enjoy being outside (away from tall grass), I don't recommend it.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is a great place to stay if you are needing a place that is a little country, but not to far from city. The staff is very very friendly and helpful. Upon our arrival they were their to meet us, and helped us set our fifth wheel up. The owners live on site and are always available. It is a very quiet and peaceful park located in a very pretty area. We brought along a dog and she had plenty of room to run and play fetch, which many campgrounds lack. The grass and grounds were kept up, and they even weed-eat around our camper which was very nice! They keep a close eye on things, which made me feel more comfortable about leaving things outside. I have no complaints about this campground! I would definitely stay here again, and the rates are amazing compared to the other spots around this location (we stayed here a month so not sure on the nightly rate). If you are older or just looking for a quiet place to park, this is the place to be. They don't have the pool or bath house/laundry, but it isn't too far from a town that can meet all your needs. The owners even offer a drop off laundry service through their home, and even offer to wash and wax your camper for a great price! Out of all the sites in the Spartanburg/Gaffney area this one's the best!
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