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rating [ 10/10 ]
Stayed 10 days and could not have been more pleased. Had the Rest-a-while R.V been set up nearly as wel,l we would have stayed; as it were it lacks every thing.
rating [ 1/10 ]
We were greatly disappointed by the condition of the place, first the R.V park is really not that at all it is more of a run down Mobile Home Park. It was not maintained at all we were a large group of 30 and could not believe the un-kept condition of the grounds. The water side is the only part of this tired ole R.V Camp that is partly maintained, though clean on this side the entire place needs a complete facelift. The electric is out dated, internet kept failing due to old wiring, sites are old and run down, there is really nothing to do at this place other than walking across the road at the water. There is no place to walk our Dogs with out going into another's site which is rude to those camping. The showers were smelly, dingy and never very well cared for, the laundry room had only two washers and dryers for so many sites. There was one older Motor Home and Trailer on the right side of the road next to the Business Office that had household items around their sites along with a smaller older R.V that sat there also (not running), my husband was appalled at this and talked to our other members about the way the Owner of the place allowed such trash to be here. How sad to allow a place to host such people who clearly do not care how they live to be apart of his business, clearly anyone who permits this type of person to live that way has no business running a R.V Camp. Needless to say we will not be returning and will be sure to tell others about the place.
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